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Want to know about why my gig not show in fiverr page

Can any one tell me please why my gig is not show in fiverr page? when I search my gig I cannot see it. Thanks.


message the support and tell them your issue, they will help you

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Thanks for your suggestion.

I think it is a bug or i don’t know why it is, i also had same condition but i observed when i created gig in day time it didn’t show on fiverr page but same gig i created at night it is showing now but it is my thinking you can try this and watch may be your problem solve. thanks


With probably over 1 million gigs to display, if they were to display all of them at once, the pagination would be insane.

I think Fiverr uses a specific algorithm to rotate who’s gig is displayed at what time. Often times I cannot see half of my gigs in my category, but I still get hits and inquiries and orders for them, so they have to be seen somewhere!


I have get some order for my marketing in my new gig. But they not show my gigs in my category.

I am also facing this issue, I will try this tricks soon if it continues.

do you tell me please which type of marketing you did? I want to follow your tips… I am a new seller waiting for orders.

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Yes I think so because I can not find my gigs but I am sill getting message from buyer. But no order yet. They just send me message then goes to offline. I don’t know they are random fake buyer or not.

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facing same problem…

Dear search for your problem on youtube.
Write your problem just like
“My gig not show on fiverr how I solve that problem”
If you find problem on youtube to search for it.
Then you can tell me.
I am here for everyone.
I am solve my problem from youtube.
Or click on below link will direct you to your problem on youtube.
Best of luck


Just tried that - no results shown.

YouTube’s great for kitten videos though! :slightly_smiling_face:

Not all gigs show all the time - they get rotated, the get taken out of search, they’re not in editorial focus etc.

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Ok dear
Then its wait for your answer other fiverr users.
Someone will give you the right answer and your problem will solve.

Best of luck

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Thanks for your reply.
I use your system but no result, same condition.


Is not possible for your gig to display immediately you create it, at least it takes about 12-24hrs to get your gig displayed on page. Now to see your gig on first page this really depend on your keywords and how active the gig is. That’s how i think works.