Want to know how long Fiverr Negative reviews are effective


Want to know how long Fever Negative reviews are effective


If you’re asking for how long they stay on your profile, the answer is forever. Even if you pause or delete a gig with a negative review, it will still be on your profile, and it will be calculated into your overall rating.


In Analytics, you will see this:

“Maintain a 4.7 star rating, over the course of 60 days”

Meaning that the negative reviews will affect you for a while, but not forever. Of course, if your rating was 4.5 and you’re a level 2, you might get demoted once or twice until you’re back to 4.7. I’ve been all over the place, 4.6. 4.8, now I’m at 4.9.

The one area where negative reviews affect you forever is All-Time Rating. Mine is 4.8, and since I was a high volume seller, it’s unlikely to go up unless I get a ton of 5 star reviews with no negative reviews.