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Want to know how to promote your fiverr gig?

One of the best ways to promote your Fiverr gig is to create a BLOG and create articles that have something to do with your gig your selling.

You will still need keyword research tools to rank your blog and make it easy for people to find you. People will not find your blog if you don’t enter and tag the proper high traffic words that people are looking up.

High traffic keywords also change that’s why u need SEO software to stay aware of the best ranking keywords ladies and gents!


Thank You sir for you great words.


Hello chrisbutch. Your method is great. I saw your gigs, you are an SEO expert. So you really know how to research keywords and how to do seo in a blog post. But most of the sellers in fiverr don’t have any knowledge about SEO. So, they may not apply your method properly. All of us should learn at least Basic SEO. It’ll be helpful for us. Thank you


Your welcome my friend!

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I agree 100% basic SEO knowledge is essential for success on Fiverr and the web.

I am also an online marketing expert I will be creating a gig for this topic soon!

Also if anyone has any questions about SEO please ask me anything I can further simplify my methods to understand easy.

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