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Want to know is there any advantage for complete courses?

If I complete any paid courses from fiverr learn. Is there any advantage? Like auto ranking or increase sales? Any body here who completed the paid courses? What your experience now? Please share.


By taking a course you will level up your skills and grow professionally. And by successfully passing the course’s final quiz, you will showcase your new capabilities.

Therefore, by successfully completing a course, you’re also likely to gain more visibility in the Fiverr marketplace. In addition, upon course completion, a course badge will appear in your Seller page, indicating that you have completed that course. The badge will remain visible on your Seller page, helping buyers learn more about your professional background and pick your Gigs.

Successful completion of a course means that you:

  • Watched all of the video content.

  • Independently completed all of the course exercises, quizzes, and the final exam.

Note: Passing a course is only one of many factors that can impact your ranking on Fiverr.

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Yes, I did 5 courses, and really helpful for the next step :slight_smile:


I thought so too, thanks brothers for sharing your experience. I will take a course from Fiverr learn.


Yes Its will help your profile to look more professional and also it will increase skill
Thank you :grinning:


It’s really helpful.

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Wow! New insight. Thanks

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What Fiverr courses would you recommend?

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