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Want to learn how magician do those tricks?


I’ll give magics secrets Revealing videos. More than 100 videos will be amazed how these magicians do those mind blowing tricks.

If you are interested check this out


This would be a nice gig but i think it will wreck the purpose of magic :frowning:


Thanks for your comment,

If you are interested why not order the gig.


Hey, If you included 1 video of one in your video gig, that would definitely be a motivator for purchasing!

Because who knows… Maybe its 100 gigs of nothing but simple kids card tricks :x


Thanks caiterz.I’ll upload a video




I want to say it’s a normally nice gig



thanks mehnazsamshad.By the way if you are interested why not order it as a help for me.




I loved performing magic ever since I was a kid, but just little tricks and I am no professional, so maybe after you post a video, I may purchase it. :wink:


One question: Are you in the video performing the tricks?


o.o; I still dont see a video. Am i missing something?


Reply to @caiterz: Yeah, he made the video disappear. Hence the magic part. LOL




Reply to @hotwebideas: I’m not the person performing these magics


I’m really sorry for late uploading.Now you can see the video in the gig

check here -



Reply to @hotwebideas: Now I uploaded a video.If you are interested Please buy the gig as a support for me



It took me 25 years to learn to shuffle a deck of cards. Your gig sounds like it has potential, good luck with it


thanks tn5rr2012