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Want to lose weight? Looking for a personal trainer?

Hi there,

Are you looking to lose weight? How about gain muscle? Looking for someone with experience in the Health and Fitness field to guide you on your journey?

My name is Paul and I’m a strength and conditioning trainer which can help you achieve your goals by putting you on the path NOW rather than spinning your wheels for months on end.

I will ensure that you have the most optimal workout routine for whatever your goal is and as well as this I’ll work you a meal plan out with a proper macro-nutrient break down to ensure you’re getting adequate protein/carbs/fats.

Before you ask - no this isn’t a “BRO” routine or “BRO” meal plan with strictly nothing but chicken/rice/broccoli, all of my teachings use the latest scientific evidence and I am a strong believer in “If it fits your macros” to ensure success as part of your lifestyle.

As well as all this I will personally ensure you succeed by training you via email for 30 days.


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