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Want to make some extra money sitting in front of your Computer!

Ever play stocks? I do all the time and have been making a pretty good living doing so. Pennystocks are extremely volatile, meaning the are constantly going from -50% to +200% leaving room for a huge a profit margin if you know what you are doing. Think about it you can buy XXXX stock at .0001 and for $100, thats 1,000,000,000 shares of a company. If it goes to .0002 you have already made 100% gains. Now think about the rare occurrences when the go to $.10. That’s $100,000 on a $100 investment. Sounds to good to be true for sure but it does happen. My strategy is simple- find a stock that looks like it is going to bounce or run and throw $500-2,000 at it. If it goes up 20% you have made $400. Not bad for a day worth of work. I’m not claiming that you will buy my Gig and make $100,000. NOT AT ALL I’m also not claiming that all my picks go up but most do. What I am claiming tho is solid picks that should profit 20-200% in a short time. None of my picks are long plays. They are either flips or get in get out trades.

Also if you have some plays you’re interested in but not sure where to set your buy/sell targets let me take a look. Happy Trading Everybody!

Just to throw everyone a bone 2 of my today’s picks are MBYL right now up 128% and QASP up 35%, not bad

I considered stuff like this before, regarding digital currency

Anyway, it’s way too risky and stressful for my taste, pretty similar to gambling overall.

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not sure what you are talking about but best of luck to you my friend! @dreadknight