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Want to prevent other sellers from this buyer

Today…i applied for a buyer request that is of 200 pdf file recreation order…When the buyer inbox me he asked for the sample work without order…I became so disappointed to know that i wasted my one valuable offer from my only 10 offers on such a fake buyers request ,…

But i want other sellers to be aware of him and do not waste there offer in such fake requests…as i know that providing sample work here does not work before the order…but some new sellers here do not know that and provide the work to him prior to the order…

I want to know that should i report him? Do i consider the buyer as a scammer and report for him for asking for the free work before the order by showcasing that he would have a large order later on if the seller agrees to work for free as sample?

As far as I know, there aren’t any actual rules against a buyer asking if a seller is willing to give out free samples. Of course it lacks etiquette, but it doesn’t technically make the buyer fake. It’s up to the seller to decide whether or not to offer a free sample, a paid sample, a generic sample or no sample at all. Just like buyers have to choose carefully when they pick a seller, the same applies to sellers working with certain buyers.

Since I don’t think the buyer broke a rule, I am not sure how you could report this to anyone. Customer Service isn’t likely to do anything about an etiquette issue. You wouldn’t be allowed to post the buyer’s username on the forum. I suppose if you wanted to you could tell sellers off-Fiverr (in Fiverr Facebook groups or whatever) that you think the buyer is not good to work with, but that’s the only option I can think of.

I do agree with you that it is risky to give sample work out in hopes of making a sale. Sellers should only choose to do so if they understand that risk, because Fiverr cannot help with pre-order arrangements.

Thankyou…i got my answer…one more thing please…can i put buyers name or link at the fiverr facebook page…?

No you cannot name buyers. Lots of buyers ask for a sample. It’s not uncommon and you lost nothing.

i have had the similar experiences on fiverr and being new and naive, i have also worked for few, completing tasks of their choice, as SAMPLES. This really is uncalled for. I have not got any orders so far but I am getting fiver smart with each passing day learning from you guys :slight_smile:


Yes …be active on forum and you will get many expert advice here which will help you to be successful on fiver…I never provide the sample work as i knew that will not work at all…but we can provide sample work with watermark on it…

You can do whatever you want on your own Facebook page or on any unofficial Facebook group. There are people out there with pages just for exposing both sellers and buyers and I’m not going to take a position on whether that is good or bad

What you can’t do is post a username or link on any official Fiverr page, whether it’s the forum, the Fiverr offficial Facebook, official Twitter, or whatever. So, you do have options if you choose to use them and they might or might not help or hurt anyone. Just don’t forget that it may be better to expose usernames of people who are really breaking serious rules or being abusive. (Sellers or buyers.)

Ok…but i do not want to put the username or link on any other unofficial social media pages or group as i am sure that there will be many more fake persons already present on that pages or group…anyways i hope that every seller can take a stand for their own here and avoid such scams ,Thank you so much for all your suggestions and help…

That’s a smart move. Depending on the gig type, you can also provide samples that show your abilities but aren’t something a buyer can actually use. To give you an example, if you are an artist and a buyer asks for a sample of you drawing a picture of his or her dog, you can politely say they would have to pay for a custom picture.

You can keep a set of sample artworks pre-watermarked in your portfolio and choose the closest one, like a picture of a different dog or a different animal that you’ve drawn to keep as an example. The buyer can then see your artistry but it’s of no benefit to steal since he or she wants something specific.