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Want to promote my Gig


Hello everyone. I am a graphic designer and I have a new gig for logo designing. I want to promote my Gig to increase my sales. Can anybody show me some way to do this ?


Facebook, Twitter, Photoshop forums, etc.

If you want to go further, start blogging your designs.


If you are wanting to promote your gig to a high end clientele, I advertise to Yale students. I think they would be interested in your stuff. Just message me and we can work something out:)


I also would be happy to write you a review!


Here’s a post I wrote on the forum earlier which might help you out: Getting Orders for New Sellers


hello writenow921,

i will like to promote my gig on fiverr, how can you help


Always promote your gigs to your target audience! Share your gig among your Facebook friends is useless, because they will never (I think so) buy your gigs. Don’t use google adverts because it’s against ToS.


share your gig on social media sites and also share on various blog, forum .