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Want to promote your gig online ? Read this

So the question “how should I promote my gigs online” has been asked many times and has been answered many times. New sellers usually have a lot of trouble getting their sales up. But sometimes seasoned sellers also need an exposure boost. There are a lot of simple and relatively easy methods of promoting your gigs online. They may not work for a few people but for others they may improve sales because it depends entirely upon the time and effort given into promotion. I will list a few that I have been trying and seeing results with. (Sorry about my English)
1 ) the first thing that sellers with dropping number of sales can do is to Provide outstanding service to a client and if you think he looks happy with the results then throw in something for free. You can then request your clients to share your service with their friends and colleagues. People usually are lazy and even if they like your service they will be too lazy to press the share button or copy the link from your gig page and send it to their friends. So to make it easy for them you can add the link below your message so that they can easily copy paste it without struggling to find it.
2) Join the forums where you can offer your services, contribute positively and in your signature you can add the banner that leads people to your gig. For examples I am a logo designer and some of my clients are real estate agents and advisers. I usually join some good real estate forums. And in my signature I offer services of logo and marketing material design. Do not spam forums with links to your gig. That would only annoy people and will get you banned. Contribute positively and let the possible clients contact you by them self.
3) facebook is a great source of free marketing, again make sure you do not spam, create your own page where you explain your services. Ask friends and family to join and share your page. Then join the pages that you think are related to your gig. Again contribute positively. Make sure you comment and post using your page as your profile. Potential clients will contact you automatically. The name of your page should describe your service. But make sure you keep the name brief and self explanatory. A good example would be
“ $5 banner design ”
This was what I have been practicing with and I am seeing results, but note that it takes time and patience. Share what you think worked for you and correct me where ever I am wrong. Best of luck and happy selling…

Getting seriously involved seems like a great reason to get extra orders. You have to be credible and get involved in these forums for people to check out your fiverr profile. Awesome stuff! Thanks for the post!

This tips are helpful and i think one can never have information overload of what you don’t know.

On point 1). Looks like the Twitter and Google+ URL open the sharing link but the Facebook and LinkedIn don’t. How can we make these two the sharing link?

What you have explained is exactly what I have done for few days since joining Fiverr. Although I’ve not recorded any conversion, my impressions have really been impressionable. Having read it here, I am encouraged to continue. And your post will really help me fine-tune further. Thank you

Im glad that you liked my post :slight_smile:

Yea it really helps a lot in getting good traffic

Glad to hear that :slight_smile:

im not sure what you are talking about, simple copy pasted links can be opened any where, including facebook

really informative.

If I copy the links from the social network icons on my gig there are two that really open ready to post the shared link (Twitter and G+) and two that just open the URL to the social network home. For the lazy people your article talks about, the Facebook and LinkedIn URLs are not good enough.

Im glad you liked it :slight_smile:

I’ve sent so many offers but no reply from any buyer,maybe because I’m a new seller…how do i make my gig more attractive because I can definitely do these jobs but no acceptance of offers.

This is interesting and informative and i really believes this works. Thanks for sharing.

you are welcome, do post about your experience after trying these techniques. share your knowledge :slight_smile:

you should check out the TIPS for SELLERS section. it contains the information that you will need :slight_smile:
keep sending them requests and make the best out of the description section for your gig. you will need a lot of patience o get your first sale. fiver allows you seven gig per account i think . make all seven and post the gig at peek traffic hour times.

i think you didn’t get what i tried to say, you do not have to press the Social network icons,. just preview your gig. and copy the URL in the address bar on top of the browser, for e.g the URL for my gig in my browser is

" "

now you can click the link above, it will take you to my gig. you can copy the URL from the address bar. and give the URL to the clients,. they can then copy paste it and send to others.

Admin Note: Normally gig links are not allowed in this category but there is no need to report this post. The link here precisely illustrates the point made and the tip is of value.


Thanks for tips. Yeah facebook and forums both are good platforms. One can use facebook groups and pages to promote ones gigs.

Great Bro!