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Want to rank my gig?

Please check my gig and tell me what’s wrong in my gig ?
I don’t know why my gig not get in 5 page. please help :slight_smile:

There are literally hundreds of threads on this. Please research.

Also, get out of the mindset that you rank by performing tasks. There are hundreds of thousands of gigs. How can they all rank well just because they perform tasks? It’s mathematically impossible.

Fiverr doesn’t reward sellers for completing tasks. They rank sellers based on what will help them meet their business objectives.

Also, there are at least 30,000 gigs selling what you’re selling. It’s unlikely you can rank well for something that competitive. You need to research your competition before you make a gig.

And improve your English. Buyers don’t want to work with people who make communication harder and risky.