Want to Remove Bad Feedback? Here's a Loophole


Just delete the gig, Boom. Bad review removed. You keep monies, Fiverr keeps monies, Buyer doesn’t even know what’s happened.

Catch? You lose all your good reviews. But that’s OK, because here’s a new great idea from a meksell, whose entrepreneurial spirit should be applauded.

This loophole will close up soon, folks, but not that soon as Fiverr never checks these forums. So go wild! Quit begging! Quit complaining! Rule the world once again with your awful service, poor delivery and non-existent skills and “subtle” review rings.

Don’t forget to offer your services for free as they’re either worthless or expensive in the bad “shoot, you totally fawksed up my business” way!

I will come up with a new loophole when that’s done–but the net is shrinking. And you look delicious. So get in that net so you can be caught all the easier. Why, I bet you didn’t even read this far.

You’re not off the hook either, Fiverr. Read what your bloody community has to say. Stop having parties that violate your own TOS. LISTEN TO YOUR USERS.

Anyway, there’s the goddamn loophole, go wild. But the risks are all evident in this post. (SECRET TIP–>) don’t do it because you’re waving a neon flag above your head. But like I said, you don’t read, so… bye!



I like to picture old man Fiverr as a fellow who likes to watch the world burn. But the thread I linked to Why I'm not getting order? here is the solution! is here

Loopholes. Trust me, no-one cares about the forum loophole, it’s the $$$ one for the scammers that I’ve just introduced. Cast the net open boys.


And that’s how you do community leadership, Bruce. Not with an awful video and a shit competition that demeans freelancers for nebulous and unknown “winners”.

Advance warning: I’m having a forum party to celebrate the ex–er,–inclusivity of the NY HQ party on the 15th . Read all about it here! Fiverr NY City Community Team is Looking For 2 Gigs for Holiday Party

Oh, you can’t. The forum’s broken. But let’s all gather around at some point on the 15th to ask the CEO and Bruce a lot of questions and share our concerns. Deal?


Huh, that worked. I don’t get it. Anyway, that’s enough from me tonight. You have a loophole and a party, what more could you wish for?


Great tip :slight_smile: but I don’t have any orders to test this fantastic feature from developers of fiverr because of December and fiverr xmas bugs :frowning:


Somebody will. Don’t blame December (it’s the leadup to xmas–OK, next week I expect a significant slowdown that will last until the new year) or “xmas bugs”. I’ve had all of these bugs for ages and thought it was just me.

I’m really posting this in the hope that Matt will engage. Matt, are you here and listening? You don’t have to like what I say–read the other numerous complaints.

About time too!

Awesome Tip!
I will definitely be using it now!


Did you properly register your party with the proper authorities, Miss Emma? <.<

Right to party
stolen from Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia, adaptation not stolen though

The right to party is a perceived human right arising out of a number of recognized human rights. While no human rights instrument or national constitution grants the absolute right to party, such a right to party may be a manifestation of the right to freedom of assembly, the right to freedom of association, and the right to freedom of speech.
Many international treaties contain clear enunciations of these rights. Such agreements include the 1950 European Convention on Human Rights, especially Articles 9 to 11; and the 1966 International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, especially Articles 18 to 22. However, in these and other agreements the rights of freedom of assembly, freedom of association, and freedom of speech are subject to certain limitations. For example, the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights contains prohibitions on “propaganda of war” and advocacy of “national, racial or religious hatred”; and it allows the restriction of the freedom to assembly if it is necessary “in a democratic society in the interests of national security or public safety, public order, the protection of public health or morals or the protection of the rights and freedoms of others.” (Articles 20 and 21.)
Partying, however, is not necessarily violent or a threat to the interests of national security or public safety. Nor is it necessarily civil disobedience, because most parties do not involve violating the laws of the state. Parties, even campaigns of nonviolent resistance or civil resistance, can often have the character (in addition to using nonviolent methods) of positively supporting a democratic and constitutional order. This can happen, for example, when such resistance arises in response to a military coup d’état;or in the somewhat similar case of a refusal of the state leadership to surrender office following defeat in an election.

That said, do we get potato chips and beer?


Thanks. I have deleted my gig :slight_smile: