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Want to remove the payoneer account from disable fiver account

Hello Everyone, Actually my this account got disable now after 1 month I opened a new account now I want to add the payoneer account of the disable account to my new account. I already talked with the payoneer CS but they replied that to contact with fiver Cs. As my this account is disable Can I contact with the CS of fiver and is it possible to solve this problem?



You could try.

But they also might just disable your new account, since you made it after your old one got disabled by CS because you broke TOS.

Why tho? I opened the new one and using it by maintaining all the TOS

Because you need to talk to CS before doing that.

Sorry, but you can not use Fiverr ever again. It is over.
This is yours:
Hello, I recently got restrictions from fiverr. It’s all my fault because I knocked some top buyer to share their experience. It’s my 3rd warning sadly. Now I can not place any orders, can’t giver anyone text and can’t receive orders. Fiver authority emailed me that During the period of the review, you will be able to complete your active orders. However, I cannot place or receive new orders and I cannot communicate with users, other than My buyers/sellers within an active order. Their team will keep me posted with any update. Can anyone please tell me how long that the restriction will go on?

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I know I can’t use it any more. I opened a new account 1 week ago. And the payoneer which was added to my disable account now I want to shift that to my new account is it possible?

YOU can NOT use Fiverr ever again, except forum here. OK?

You can’t use Fiverr anymore. You cant be seller on Fiverr. You are banned.

I opened a new account totally then what’s the problem?

But you did not input your data from the old account, your same ID, bank data and accounts. When you do that they will delete your account.

You are banned from using Fiverr with your identity.

Oh got it When I’ll add previous payoneer account to the new account then I’ll be banned from the account too because I used the information of banned accout, Right?

Your account is not banned, YOU are banned from using Fiverr. OK? You can not use Fiverr anymore. Move on. You opened new account but it is just email and password, it is not real account until you put bank data and you can not do that.

In case you still aren’t understanding this:

It’s not just the payment details.

You, as an individual, have been banned from using the site.

Even just by having a new account on the main site now, you are ban avoiding. When you get caught, all that will happen is your new account gets banned too.

rahat, I understand you. But there are some things you just need to attempt by yourself, silently. No one here will help you out. My account also got banned and I came here to find out some things like you. But all I got back was greedy and condemning words from people like “You must have done sth wrong”, “you cannot use fiverr again” etc. Like I was their competitor or something.
What I’m trying to let you know is that you will never get any good answers from people here. So just be wise. Any question you can ask here has already been asked before. Just search the thread and read through, and figure out things. If you’ve started over with a new account, good for you. Just be careful not to violate any TOS to cause suspicion. If you want to withdraw with a payoneer, create a new one and do so. If you can’t have 2 payoneers, close the present one completely and create a new one to use. Be wise and figure things out yourself… Life goes on…