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Want to replace my payoneer account to fiverr

Hey, I have a question regarding my Payoneer account setup, I want to connect my new Payoneer account with Fiverr, Can anyone help me out of this problem?

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Fiverr and payoneer cards are the same, you don’t need to change your card.

Yes, but I want to change my previous Payoneer account to new one at Fiverr. Please help me out this problem

Try to contact payoneer customer support by live chat.

I contacted with Payoneer but they said you should contact with fiverr.
this is the reply i got from payoneer team " We cannot remove it in our end. The linkage was initiated from your funding source main page and they are the only one who can remove it"

yes, i too have doubt about this, it is now rectified.
Thank you,

What I should do now?

Here is the link:

I did, But Still no response from friverr side. what I do now.

You will need to wait for the reply. They appear to be quite busy at present.

okay thanks a lot to help me

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