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Want to say sorry to the members of the Forum

I want to apologize for my recent behaviour in the Forums. My personal character traits are not one of the best (a softened way to say I’m worse and more rude than most of the people out there). :grimacing:

It’s a professional distortion from my previous job position, where I had to behave like that so I can stay in business. So if my word means anything, I apologize if I insulted anyone. It was not intentional, and I often realize later that I was rude to someone.

Thanks, and take care.


Appreciated - good luck! :slightly_smiling_face:


@offlinehelpers Apologize to you too. And thanks.


Rarely do we get to see a public/official apology like this on the forum, which makes it even more genuine and meaningful, too :slight_smile: Kudos to you for this thread!

And I’m sorry to hear that a job can have such a profound impact on a person :frowning: Honestly, sometimes I think Fiverr itself has a similar impact on me because of all the types of buyers I had/have to deal with on a regular basis for so many years in a row, and all the rubbish people can throw at me - it used to be such a wonderful, calm and joyful place when it wasn’t this popular :eyes:


Thank you very much!

P.S. Lots of businesses have a low survivability rate because of poor decisions. Watch the movie The Wolf of Wall Street. Or “The Founder” with Michael Keaton. It is ugly sometimes.


… i agree :frowning_face: