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Want to sell my laptop and buy a new one

I want to sell my laptop and buy a new one. But I have a question about that. If I sell my laptop to someone I don’t know and by chance he also use Fiverr on it, Is there any problem? because, I don’t know what will he do with this laptop. NB: of course I will format my laptop and install windows on it


There has been a similar topic discussed recently, maybe it can help you: Will fiverr ban my account if my friend uses my laptop

Good luck

Thank you! checking it

Hey @urdeke i had the exact issue a while a go…i contacted customer support they said you could sell the laptop and your friend can use ut for his own fiverr if:-

U format the hard disk
Put a new operating system (example from windows 10 you install a windows 8 or another windows 10) just so the pc is fresh and has no traces of fiverr in it

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