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Want to transfer funds to payoneer


I applied for payoneer card about 2 months ago but I have not received my card yet so I decided to use DHL for fast delivery of card. Now, there is no money in my payoneer account. Yesterday, I tried to transfer my available fiverr funds to payoneer and chose the option “I already have payoneer account”.

Today, payoneer approved my request to add a new funding source but problem is that there is still this message on fiverr “Card approved. waiting for your activation”.

Is that mean I can’t transfer my funds untill my card is activated? I want this money for the delivery of card. Any suggestion would be highly appreciated.



You can another way to withdeawn if you face problem with payoneer or just contact with


Hi @waseembsit, I hope I might be able to clarify: once your account has been approved you can start loading funds to it and can ask for a DHL delivery. Once your card arrives and activated you will be able to use it and the funds in your Payoneer account for making purchases or withdrawal. For more info on card activation check out his blog post:

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