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Want to use Already attached Payoneer Account with new fiverr account?

Actually My Brother want to create new Fiverr Profile, He have Payoneer account which is already attached with another Fiverr Profile , So is it Possible to use same Payoneer account with new Fiverr profile if he removed that payoneer account with old fiverr profile?

In my opinion, I would suggest you use separate Payoneer account for each fiverr account just to stay out of trouble.

thanks for response on my post … but I want know what is the Fiverr policy for this . . there is any possibility ?

I done really know about its possibilities because I don’t play that sort of risk on my account because this sounds risky and might land both yours and your brother’s accounts in a mess. But you can try contacting CS, they will tell you in detail. But nowadays CS are extremely busy and it might days of even weeks before they respond to your queries.

ok. . thank you so much