Want to use Fiverr so much more but struggling with communication


Im a very new user of Fiverr, Im so keen to use for all of my frequent needs but struggling every time so far to communicate my requirement without either feeling like I have offended or just accepting the work provided and not ever using. Is it a cultural thing with communication…sometimes I wonder whether it would be easier for me to call a local (regional NSW Australia) and get the job done. Was recommended by a friend to use Fiverr after their incredible experience, but I am yet to experience that.


You had some really good replies when you posted about a similar problem before:

That’s entirely up to you! :sunny:


Of course its up to me… I do make my own choices, but in this instance probably not the most effective one


Did you ask your friend how they chose the sellers/gigs they had a great experience with, that might help?


No I did not, but that it is a great suggestion, I think what frustrates me the most is it is work that I am proficient in but time poor.


I see, then perhaps try that, and another suggestion - of course it may not apply - when you contact sellers who seem proficient in what they offer, it’s a good idea to avoid writing things like “it’s an easy job”, “it will take only x minutes”, “I could easily do it myself”,…

See yourself in the seller’s place and imagine people contacting you like that, you probably can see how that’s very frustrating for the sellers and some of us react allergic to it :wink: and it may lead to the good sellers being too busy to take your job, as they usually don’t have to take every job offered to them.

As I said, this might not apply to you at all :slight_smile: but we all here get that sometimes, so some buyers happening to read this might find it helpful for managing to find good sellers.
Of course, its fine to say you work in field x yourself, or you are a/n x yourself or such, but I think you see what I mean.