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Want to use multiple Account


Help please…
I want to give 2 type of service in fiverr (web design &graphic design)
so that i need 2 fiverr account.
Can i access 2 account in my one pc?


Oh my, no! :scream:That will get both accounts suspended. You can offer both serviced through one account. I proofread and I write letters all on one account.

Read TOS at the bottom of the Fiverr home page to not make errors that could get you banned.


buyer request not showing


You will see more targeted Buyer Requests that you can respond to when you become a Level 1 seller.


You already complained about it here: In my fiverr account buyer request No requests found

Spamming the forum with the same thing isn’t going to help you.


You don’t need two accounts, it will get you in trouble.

You can simply present yourself as an expert in both web and graphic design if you really are.(all in 1 account)

Your portfolio will speak for you!


Never, not at all, your accounts will be suspend :face_with_thermometer:


No, You can’t access two account by using one PC. You have to create 2 gigs for Web design and graphic design separately in an account.