Wanted: Becoming a TOP RATED SELLER


On August 5th, 2011 I found Fiverr.com… or it found me!

Just like many individuals who have an entrepreneurial spirit,I had attempted and been minimally successful at:

  • Selling Lotions, Potions, and Pills ( i.e. Network Marketing, a great way to learn the power of passive income)
  • Monetizing a Blog
  • Seeking Part- Time Employment ( Another J.O.B.)
  • and being open to ANYTHING else that would generate more income to save, invest, give away, and enjoy life with

    A great friend of mine who is a young “JEDI MASTER” of Marketing suggested that I make a list of 20 things that would make money… not to hold anything back… Just go for it.

    So I did; the list included everything from washing windows to doing voice-overs. WAIT… VOICE-OVERS!

    In the past I had played around on a microphone doing silly commercials and promos for friends and “business partners” ( remember entrepreneurial) :)) , however I had never before really FOCUSED and COMMITTED my time, effort, and HEART to SERVING THE WORLD with this talent.

    The Journey began 16 MONTHS AGO. 16 MONTHS. As I listened to my first recording delivered on Fiverr, it sounds quite lacking now, however, all it took was one PERSON to buy what I had to offer. Let me tell you, when someone actually takes money from THEIR pocket and puts it into YOURS, that is one of THE BIGGEST affirmations one can receive. And here we are! After time sacrificed with family, late nights editing, and even sleepless nights. It happened.

    Here are my HEARTFELT recommendations to anyone pursuing the TOP RATED SELLER status:

  1. Create a GIG that you would do even if you NEVER GOT PAID FOR IT. (people know when you are chasing the $)

  2. Remember: It’s NOT JUST $5. It’s someone taking money out of their pocket and putting it into yours.

  3. Walk in INTEGRITY, I was asked many times to do things that were against my code of ethics… Don’t give in, Don’t cheat yourself, and ruin your BRAND.

  4. Stay the COURSE! Every Order is a wonderful opportunity for you to serve and leave YOUR STAMP on the WORLD.

  5. Deliver On Time, If you can’t just say so. People really respect and appreciate honesty and punctuality.

  6. Remember: It’s NOT JUST $5. It’s someone taking money out of their pocket and putting it into yours. :smiley:

  7. Treat everyone like a Cousin or Friend you haven’t seen in a long time. Let’s face it, our world is full of cranky, greedy, and Non-Present people. ( Be PRESENT, AUTHENTIC, and FRIENDLY)

  8. Connect with other sellers on Fiverr and contribute to the community. It’s a WORLDWIDE COMMUNITY !!!

  9. Ask for the Referral. You would be surprised how many times people would love to send their friends, colleagues, or Business associates your way!

  10. Be inspired by, learn from, and serve other people… BUT don’t compare YOURSELF to them! You are you for a reason! You have something BEAUTIFUL to offer the world, getting hung up on What the next person is doing is a HUGE distraction. There is only one YOU and you’re pretty SPECIAL.

    If you follow these, there is never any guarantees, but I’m DARN SURE! :)) you’ll leave your STAMP on the world.

    Fiverr…the worlds LARGEST marketplace of HIDDEN GEMS.

    Talk soon guys,



Good luck!!


Great work… Congrats =D>


Great stuff :slight_smile: congratulations


@twisted! Thank you so much for the congrats. :slight_smile:

@ oldbitty. Beaming? Wow! I hoped someone would smile. The story is still continuing. :slight_smile: You rock!


yeah woohoo congrats! great job! And I like your motivational speech :slight_smile:


Thanks for sharing! :slight_smile:


Awesome post! Congratulations!


Great!! Congratulations!!!

You looks like Ludacris :stuck_out_tongue:


This is awesome advice. I’m glad I read this today. :smiley:


Thanks for lovely tips :slight_smile:


This is a super easy to remember - list and is doable- actually I have been doing most of this. Money is not everything, but is everything. Stupid but true- I would add Respect Respect, Respect and you will earn and go places.

I have been giving client I do not know or ever had a sale to - advice to fix WordPress and design and have helped them with quick fix that I would have charged .

Fiverr for Life


Congrats! I am working my booty off to become level 2! I love writing and researcning and learning new things, I get all kind of stuff to research in my blog gigs. I am also teaching myself new things in my virtual assistant gig…this will let me take new orders in the future! I will go add you to my collection:)


thanks so much everyone! :slight_smile: I really appreciate the kind words and support. :slight_smile:


you can do it too! It’s truly possible.


That was awesome


I loved your story. And the screenshot was awesome.

When I get new notifications, I kinda feel excited about it :stuck_out_tongue:


Good to know, but I am a newbie, long way to go.


This is awesome! What a great read. Thanks for the inspiration :slight_smile:


Good One Dear! but still a way to go this could be the end reward here on fiverr but it could be a new begining for the world of your business. Always be motivated and believe in Win-Win Condition.