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Wanted Facebook Programmer

Hi there, I’m looking for a Facebook programer who can help fix some bugs loading a facebook connect button on a web page and FB app page. This all needs linking to a database and set up to post to the user’s news feed after clicking the facebook connect button. This has all been manually coded so far and want to find someone to work with who can complete? Please message me here on fiverr if able and available, or am I posting in the wrong forum? Thanks

Sheriff’s Note: Moved to Conversations since Suggestion Box is for ideas regarding the Fiverr site overall.

Thanks kjblynx, can you tell me where I find Request a Gig?

@harbou123 You can click on My Orders in the upper right portion of the screen and then Request a Gig. You may notice that some sellers inappropriately post their gigs in that section which will hopefully be fixed soon. It is the right place for buyers to post their needs. You’ll have to keep it short, so describe what you need in a few words and then when the sellers contact you, you’ll be able to explain more.

My personal suggestion is to look for someone with technical abilities and gigs offering assistance with FB pages instead of those who only offer to sell things such as likes or followers. I would also look for someone with at least a few solid reviews under their belt in this case since you need something specific.