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WANTED: Few people to test my "Buy Now" button


I was originally seeking help of 2 or 3 people to test a payment button on my site, and I would reimburse people’s purchase price plus a little extra for their time. It turns out such actions violate Fiverr’s T&C’s, so I have had to withdraw the request from the forum


Gosh, that was a quick response! I will have a look, but it’s knowing what to look for as there won’t be many “I will test your buy button” links. But thanks for the comment


Hmm, once I’d read the T&C’s - which I should have done first of course - I found the clause you mention. So I’ll have to re-edit the post since I can’t shut this post down. Thanks for the advice. (Don’t know how I’m ever gonna solve this PayPal problem, but there you go!)