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Wanted to know after hoe many sales you became Top Seller?

Became Rank 2 seller all other things like cancel rate, Reviews are clear however if any top seller here who can give a hint like after how many sales he became top seller

hi there
This is a badge/level that is hand picked by fiverr stuff. It is not easy, yet it is possible.
Achieving many order + 5 star reviews + low cancellation rate and you may be the lucky one :smiley:

I know all this I know hand picked but like the Top Sellers who are on forum if they say example I had 2000 sales and I was picked so this will help like wht minimum sales are needed.

there is no minimum sales. I have seen top rated sellers with 700 reviews and I have seen selleres with 2k+ without that privilege.
I have asked them in the past and they didn’t give me any help :stuck_out_tongue: .

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Hahahaha yeh you too have spend many years and reveiws are way high so you sales are 2k+ may be but still you are not picked.

BTW best of luck at least when you become one you can then answer hahaha

lol I wish my sales were 2000 :stuck_out_tongue:
I am just saying there is not minimum in sales so you can get this badge.
Work hard and they may give it to you.


Fiverr will select top seller, Although fiverr has said

Promotion to Top Rated Seller (TRS) status is a manual selection process performed by the Fiverr Editorial team, based on a number of criteria.

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