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Wanting to know about gig impressions

How important is the impression of GIG? :smile: :smile:
How to increase impression if it is important? :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Hey your gigs must be made on your skills nd your gigs should be attractive towards the buyer☺️

Use the attractive key words for your gigs to be rank☺️

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Such as? Give one or more example.

Like what ever your skills is for eg logo design so u have to search logo design so will see so many options u will get chose most attractive nd unique key word from the option nd make your gigs according to that key words

It’s got little to do with the content of the gig. The amount of impressions is decided by fiver, if you get a couple of 5 star reviews in the space of a few days then your impressions will sky rocket, one cancellation or bad feedback and they will plummet.

My impressions once dropped from 1000 a day to 30 a day in the space of 2 days.