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Wants the latest Logo Designs?


HI… im samantha … and I design the new and lovely … Logo designs


@samantha1113 it’s not a platform to share your gig’s. It’s a platform for discuss problem. You can share your gigs to social network like twitter, linkedin, facebook etc.


@ronymaha30 Actually that’s what the “My Fiverr Gigs” category is for.

People can post their gigs there.

It’s not going to make them any sales, since 95% of users that read posts here are sellers, but at any rate anyone is free to post their gigs in that category.



Actually it is…


Also since you chose to advertise your gig here @samantha1113

a piece of advice:

drop the VPN service, you are not from the US. and if I’d have to guess your name is not Samantha either.

I think people will see right through your fake profile and if they are anything like me, they will steer clear of your service.


thanks but no thanks for u … frank how rude …
like the one who is already in a depress mode…
anyway … no sweat…


it was my mistake and i dont know how it happened …
sorrrrrrrrrrryyyyyyyyyyyyyy …
if that hits you…???


we can post and promote our gigs on my fiverr gigs section.