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How you can warn m about the language? then these sellers don’t know what they sell? how you can let all these sellers? you warn me, after a long conversation they guarantee me they sell something and after payment, I receive something else? how you can warn so fat and you didn’t verify conversation, I try to talk with them I DON’T WANT TO RECEIVE SPAM ON MY WEBSITES & THEY PUT ME BACKLINKS ON SPAM WEBSITES, HOW YOU CAN CALL these PERSONS DEAR FIVERR ???

So, please dear Fiverr, make clean on your garden & after warning me as a buyer, I pay you fees!



I’m sorry you had a bad experience.

Did you check with sellers before what methods they will be using?

If they stated in their gig that they will create backlinks then unfortunately there is no fault of the seller.
Another way to avoid it is to choose gigs with “fiverr pro” badge instead of cheap 5$ service to make sure that you’ll receive results that you are looking for.


I’m sorry you had a bad experience

Did they say what kind of sites they would put your link on? If they told you something and you got something different you can let customer support know and hopefully get a refund.

fiverr didn’t was explicit for which user I received ward, usually, I stay and talk with any seller to be 100% sure they will not sell me sheets !!!

this why i’m nervous, is easy to give warn, but is hard to check conversation buyer - seller !

You can take a screenshot of your conversation with the seller and send that to customer support to prove what the seller told you.

If anyone was trying to sell you sheets, then you or they were on the wrong website. :wink:

I realise you probably meant to say something else, which probably wouldn’t have got past the profanity filter.

I think there may be a communication issue to be honest. Did your seller understand what you were asking them, and did you understand their response? If the answer to either is ‘no’, then as a buyer you need to walk away before you spend money.


i buy lots of stuffs and i don’t know from there is this report, :slight_smile: and i don’t buy 5$ stuff’s !!!
i can’t communicate with Fiverr team support because i can’t find any email or some like this

You always need to use appropriate language ! From what you wrote above it’s clear that you deserved to be warned , being civilized is a must here , we’re in the 21st Century . We have a resolution center on the order page , use that it’s there for a reason , insults and inappropriate language don’t belong here no matter what , we also have support that can be contacted for any kind of issues.


You can submit a ticket here:

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Thanks, I want to paste a recent conversation from an order (but i can’t because including too many links :slight_smile: )which is totally failed, and is supposed to be calm after I paid 40$ and I lost 3 positions on this keyword? really?

being rude surely won’t solve the problem

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yup, you have right :slight_smile:, but certain I can’t be calm :sweat_smile:

we’re romanians :smiley: we can’t keep calm…but stil …

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I can’t make any comment about the quality of what you received. Only you and the seller know what was promised and delivered.

@catwriter gave you the link for CS - you need to talk to them.

BTW - do you think it’s appropriate to have a (semi) naked woman as your profile forum header image in this day and age?

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i can’t paste here full conversation because i really want to see how time i lost to be sure and to have certain i will receive quality backlinks …

why not is any age restriction for this website?

Even if you did, most of us probably wouldn’t understand it as we’re not buyers/sellers of backlinks. Please speak to CS.

Your forum profile header image is inappropriate BTW.

Fiverr users can be 13 and up. It’s not actually an age related problem. :roll_eyes:

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doh, ok :slight_smile:

Just a detail…

Being civilized is not only here and because of living in the 21th Century. Being civilized is a must everywhere regardless the Century anyone is living in!

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yes but we’re not living in an ideal world… full of ideal people … so we can’t really control that