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Warning about [fragglesrock]! Warning Warning!


Hi all

I just want to highlight a bad experience I had with this seller … [fragglesrock]

Bought and gave him a good rating but afterwards I got complaints about his services subsequently (what I bought took some time for people to find out it’s fake… that’s the problem). I wrote to him, but he remained uncontactable till this day! So beware of him! Don’t buy his services at all!

Sheriff’s note: Whilst it’s understandable that you wish to warn others, you aren’t allowed to ‘call out’ buyers or sellers on the forum and we advise contacting the seller and if that doesn’t work, then customer support if you have any problems


Note to Sheriff: Your platform has a HUGE fault in it. If there is a problem with an order your platform only allows for the gig to be canceled. Once canceled the buyer cannot leave feedback to warn other buyers. So then if not in your forum, WHERE shall we turn for complete, honest, feedback on a seller!? Oh, your customer “service” by the way flip-flopped on me being able to leave feedback. I LOVE getting mis-information from a platform where I’m trying to do business.

In my case, a very highly rated seller broke my webpage design and has refused to fix it. He was able to cancel the gig without my consent. Now I have to go find someone to rebuild the page (EXPENSIVE) and no other buyer will have knowledge of this when trying to make their buying decision.

Your system is broken in such a way that it cannot be trusted to make a hiring decision.


Hi Madmoo,

I DO agree, “there must be something you (I) can do to resolve those issues.” I have asked the seller to correct their errors. They have refused. I have contacted customer support and they at first said they would let me leave feedback and then rescinded the offer. So then, if Fiverr does not offer a solution does it not behoove us to provide our own, here, or elsewhere? Leaving feedback here is the natural response to a failure in site design by Fiverr.

Just FYI, the original design of my page washired out at $60, not $5. Then I had another $40 put into it. All hired on Fiverr. So I’m out $100 as a result of this.

Can you then explain to me the difference between a sheriff and a troll? In the wider (whole internet) context of the word jumping around correcting people is trolling.

Thank you for explaining the fraggle thing. You should know it creates confusion since it leads to an actual fiverr profile. Surely the sheriffs dept. can find some better way to censor us. :confused:

sethhill said: Can you then explain to me the difference between a sheriff and a troll? In the wider (whole internet) context of the word jumping around correcting people is trolling.

On this forum a "Sheriff" is one of a very few volunteers that monitors the forum for folks breaking forum rules, such as calling anyone out, posting links that are not Fiverr, or spamming the forum. They have the ability to move a post to the right section and remove links that are not Fiverr. To my knowledge, a Sheriff has no power over who posts or what they post about. If one follows a few simple rules, the forum is wide open.

It is funny how some folks on the forum think of it as "being corrected" or "being picked on" (as another poster put it) when a user actually tries to understand someone's problem, engage in conversation and offer help.

This forum is not watched or monitored by Fiverr brass or execs. Yes, I'm sure they peak in from time to time, but it remains a user forum.


I agreed with sethhill … . what I did when I realised he has cheated me was to email your customer service, only to be told that I have to contact the seller myself… so I did! I have tried many, many times to contact the seller but no reply …I am using your forum as a last resort to warn other buyers. What use is your forum then, if we are not allowed to post such things? I want to warn the others not to buy from this highly rated seller too, or he will continue to cheat others. Your customer service is the most useless I have ever seen.


The reason is simple.

Because Fiverr’s customer support is not ours. It is not us.

We are only members here. Like you.

But the reason you can’t post peoples names/gigs is because if you could do that, some people would take advantage of it.

Say I sell Logos. And another person sells more logo gigs than me. I would just come on the forum and say that your logos suck. Or you ripped me off. So instead of getting bad logos from you, buy the gig from me.

That would be bad. And that’s why you can’t post about other peoples gigs or names on the forum. People would take advantage of it.



You say “your” at least 4 times your post. We are not “your”. The “your” you speak of is Fiverr. This forum is not Fiverr.

You are angry, upset, whatever, cool. Complain and rant here all you want, but please point your enthusiasm in the right direction.


As much as I can understand people wanting to post the names of

bad buyers ( and trust me, I have wanted to do so myself a few times!!),

but just like bigbadbilly said, we can’t do it because if the forum allowed such stuff,

I’m sure there would be TONS of bashing comments and threads about “bad” buyers and sellers.

When I read threads about nightmare buyers, do I want to know who they are??

Of course!!!

BUT, how the heck can I be sure that he/she is writing the truth??

There is a possibility that it is all a lie, and unfortunately there are sad pathetic people

out there who would lie just for the heck of it. I think I have lived long enough and

experienced stuff on the net to realize that not everything we read online is true.

Customer support not being able to help is completely a different topic,

but at least here at the forum, we just can’t call out names. That’s the rule unfortunately.

Look on the bright side, at least we have a place where we can rant!!!