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Warning about your problems!

Your site uses spam mailing for its promotion. This infuriates! If this does not stop, we will be forced to humiliate you in all public and advertising sites. Moreover, we promise to write several novels in which your site will also be humiliated. We recommend that you change your advertising agents to avoid problems.

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If you are receiving promotional emails from Fiverr, I am sure there is an unsubscribe button you can click on.

However, I am not so certain that a novel about humiliating Fiverr would make for the most riveting content. Usually, a story should have a stronger hook.


Hello, Vik,

I am a Vickie so we are related in our names. :wink:

I think you have reached the incorrect place to make your complaint. We here on the Fiverr Forum are merely buyers and sellers. We are not the ones sending you spam mailings for promotions.

Since you are infuriated and wish to express your anger in a novel please send it to There is not room on this Forum for a post to be a novel long.

Good luck in your effort to get the spam mailing promotions removed.



I just scroll past that stuff.

Try it, you’ll like it.

But maybe @vibronx and I like being helpful, or at least a bit tongue in cheek! :wink:


LMAO. The pastas on this forum keep getting better and better, what will they think of next.

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