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Warning all Adobe users!

There’s an unprecedented outage happening right now on all Adobe online services.

If you are using an Adobe app to fulfill orders and you have your app open, DO NOT close the app as you will not be able to login back again.


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They said I was silly for sticking with Microsoft Paint, but who’s laughing now!

That said, I hope it gets fixed soon.


That’s what we get for renting our apps and no longer owning them.

(Well that’s also what we get when Adobe codes their apps to look for an internet connection all the live long day)


AE seems okay when I try loading one version of it (I also have another version already loaded).
But if loading another app doesn’t work I wouldn’t be able to render the output for a buyer anyway (as I’d need media encoder - though a version of that has loaded just now too, so it doesn’t seem to be affecting me currently). Maybe it depends how it’s set up or firewall settings or something.

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It may be because you already have a version of AE open, so the Adobe service in the background has you logged in


Yeah, I hate the SaaS business model. It’s why my brief love affair with Adobe ended.


I use Inkscape (did you see the 1.0 version, real beauty).

If client wants ai, I also have Illustrator, but other than shape builder I do not see the benefits of using AI.


In an Adobe announcement most things seem to say “Region: Americas” so the issue might affect that region mostly (or that and APAC region). Or maybe it will affect more regions in time.

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People that have cracked Adobe Features be like:

“Hahahaha, I’VE TOLD YOU”


That’s the best thing I read the whole day and the day is not even over yet…that’s how much I laughed

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Affinity makes great apps on the graphics side. On the video side, FCPX, Resolve. AE unfortunately does not have a good equivalent so far. Motion should be that app, but they are dropping the ball.

If this is the case, using a VPN might be a temporary solution?

Maybe. As long as Adobe don’t find that suspicious. It might be better to just wait for a fix/not log in to Adobe or pause any gigs that require it depending on the region or increase the delivery time. Or like has been said keep the app open - depending on the region (but it still might need other apps loading).

edit: It’s now saying EMEA region too (Europe, the Middle East and Africa) so maybe all regions are now getting affected.