Warning bad buyer


I had a feeling about this buyer, ( *****).This buyer promised to follow up with 5 orders if I would do one as a sample. Me, being a trusting person complied. You can guess the rest. No orders from ********not even a TY sucker


Yep, not surprised.

“I will send you more work if you do this one cheap/free” is the type of buyer scam I’ve seen most of.


Calling out usernames is against forum rules. Your post was edited. Thanks for understanding!


Not nice. Makes it bad for those who are good people. I should have known better, I just keep having hope.


woops, are you a bot or can you tell me how to report this person?


I am not a bot just one of the forum moderators.
I don’t think there is a need for you to report this buyer. Sometimes you will encounter people that promise you the world but the reality is you won’t hear from them again. I am sure a lot of sellers here on Fiverr have experienced a similar situation on their Fiverr journey. Just be cautious and move on. Focus on delivering great work that’s all you can do and of course don’t work for free!


I can do that.Thanks for the reply.


Yup yup, you ran into a scam. There’s not much you can do but refuse to do any work in the future without an order, and if they seem sketchy (like this buyer) then don’t work with them. Your time is much more valuable spent elsewhere than dealing with scam artists.


Asking for a sample basically means that the buyer can’t afford to spend $5, or has no intention of paying. So it’s usually 90% likely to be a scammer.


A buyer contact me with an offer to complete a free work and that he will accept my offer and send the remaining document. This is the third day and no message from the buyer.


It happens with almost everybody.

He was my repeat buyer who came with an urgent order and wanted it to be done within 3 hours at $5.
I somehow convinced him for $15. He sent me the script and other stuff related to the gig in inbox. I sent him the custom offer of $15. He didn’t accept it for another next hour. So, I stopped working on it and asked him politely to accept the offer to which he said “I am your repeat buyer, trust me!” I didn’t work on it and asked again after 3 hours to which he again replied the same.
I withdrew my custom offer. He then asked me for the delivery and I politely refused. He threatened that he would go to CS and I replied that it is his right.
I, then, reported him for spamming me.


I agree their names should not be displayed, there should be some way to weed them out… I have seen many sellers suffering from these buggy buyers…


true, It makes it bad for the good buyers.


very sad, it is like going in a store and robing something.


yes, I was shocked when the MOD had no advice for me on how to make note to the powers that be of this type of member here. No seller support, I will adjust .


Without an order, you don’t have a buyer, and you’re not selling them something - you’re doing it for nothing.

The moderator was quite correct not to help you report the Fiverr user, as they weren’t buying anything, therefore the weren’t doing anything wrong.

Please never do any work without an order - do you have any portfolio items you could offer as samples?


Forum moderates are just volunteers and regular sellers. We are not part of Fiverr staff. You are always welcome to contact customer support to voice your concerns. Support.fiverr.com


It is the norm. It happens almost every day. I don’t want to say that every buyer is like this but lots of buyers have told me to do something cheap/free. But at the same time I have a lot of repeat buyers and with some of them I started to work in this way. You must try to undestand which one will be a repeat buyer. My policy is not to do free work and if I have to make a discount, it has not to be over 10% for a new buyer.


Everyone goes through this, one buyer (and a seller here on Fiverr) approached me about a logo animation that he needs done in 12hrs. I said sure, but this will be pricey given he wants to expedite it so far up my queue. I quoted my price and he kept saying “please please, I’ll give you more work”. Of course, I’ve run into this so many times so I said, “but will you pay?”. When it comes to the creative industry, this is always the case. Have you ever seen someone walk into a doctor’s office and go “I’ll send you referrals if you give me my check up free!” or into a fast food joint and go “I eat here all the time, I’m your repeat buyer, give me this this and that and I’ll pay next week”. So as soon as you come to me with this, you’re immediately flagged in my books. I have no time for foolishness.


My local shop where I know the staff, the owners and visit at least every second day has a sign
- Please do not ask for credit as refusal may offend -
This is a polite way for them to tell me that they do not trust me enough to give me products and for me to pay the next time I am in the shop despite my personal relationship with them, the fact they know where I live, the fact that I am generally a decent bloke.
Here, sellers know the “buyers” only through a username and a location which may or may not be genuine. How can anyone think sending free work is a good idea? Sure, if you want to take a gamble and are nowhere near a betting shop then you could try it but you can’t then complain when the gamble does not pay off!

These types of “buyers” will always exist because there will always be sellers who are willing to try it. Just don’t be one of them…

Regarding trying to report these users for their behavior, what have they actually done that is provably wrong? They asked for a sample with the potential for more work afterwards. If a CS agent asks them about it then they simply say they did not like the sample. Case closed.