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Warning bad buyer


Great response!

The golden rule: Do not offer free samples. If you’re a serious seller, you have previous work*. Show it to them. If they agree, great, if they don’t, move on. If your work consists of something you can provide samples without having to do the whole work in advance, offer them a sample for only $5. Especially if it’s a big project, e.g. $1000, your prospective buyer will accept it without any further discussion. And from my point of view, it’s completely understandable. If I buy something B2B, I don’t care about five lousy bucks. In the time, I’m discussing with the provider, I could earn twice or multiple times the amount.

I’m sometimes a bit confused about the effort, these scammers perform for a $5 service.

*Make sure that you have your buyer’s permission to use their work for promotional purposes.


Can’t call out usernames. Just report them to Fiverr Support and they will take care of it for you.


@zolarvision It sounds like you need to get a little more familiar with Fiverr. You are complaining about an issue that you can avoid by listening to those trying to help you. In the meantime, get to know the forum rules so we can help you without first dealing with flagged comments.

Get to know the Fiverr Academy and the Terms of Service so you are armed with knowledge. You’ll be more effective if you do that instead of getting angry at a volunteer who correctly advised you and left your post up instead of removing it. Fiverr is a great place, but it takes some time to learn. :slight_smile:


basically i found this scam on mainly transcription jobs. A “buyer” if at all they qualify for the name will split a 30 minute audio into 6 parts and promise 60$ if only you can transcribe 5 minutes as a sample after that you will get silence in return. Then they move to the next victim… One person asked me for a sample and I told them if my rating doesn’t prove to be a good enough sample then you can go do the work yourself.


see, and that is all I am trying to get at. If we could report and list the actions of who are the abusers , they can be dealt with if a pattern arises .


Sorry for not responding sooner.[quote=“offlinehelpers, post:16, topic:96651”]
do you have any portfolio items you could offer as samples?

That is a whole other problem I am having. A few buyers do not want the work I do for them to be shown as a sample. I have not been able to figure out how to pick the Gigs I want to show up as so. it seems to be either on or off for all samples as a choice.


But they’re only ‘abusing’ the system because you’re letting them by giving your services away for nothing!

They don’t need to be reported for doing anything ‘wrong’ because they haven’t done anything wrong.

By showing them samples of your existing work, they can see the quality of what you do without you giving stuff away.

If I go to the supermarket and say to the manager ‘I’d like to try a tin of baked beans for nothing - if I like them I’ll come back and buy 5 more’ what would the supermarket manager’s response be? That’s how you should be thinking!

They’re not stealing - you’re giving away.


Use YouTube - you can add images and audios to make a video - even if you’re not offering a video service.

You’re allowed to link to YouTube from your gigs and profile.

You’ve had your account for quite a while and have lots of positive reviews.

Go into ‘My gigs’ - click the dropdown for each gig you want to have as a portfolio and make sure ‘live portfolio’ is ticked - for each subsequent completed gig, the buyer will be given the option to have their order included in your portfolio - some will, some won’t but at least they’ll have the option.


that clears that up. TY


I do get it. What I am saying though, It works to give a sample in most cases. Do to the fact a few slick people are taking advantage of this, would it not be good to make a list of reported multiple abusers. Not a public list, a place to report such action. A seller working with the buyers rater then saying,{ " if you don’t like the gigs I have displayed, don’t buy" } is better for Fiverr in the end game.


From looking at your gigs, I don’t see how you can give a sample without giving your work away.

You’re level 2, you’ve got nearly 200 positive reviews, and the quality of the reviews is excellent as well. By all means work with your buyers, as we all do, to help them, but be prepared to get stung if you give your services away.

Fiverr can help with buyers who abuse sellers, but if no payment has been made, they’re not buyers, therefore no money has changed hands - why should Fiverr spend time on an issue which doesn’t make any money for them?

Anyway, nearly New Year here - have a good one!


Are you sure you are not a Bot? LOL You will not admit that the seller feeling secure enough to work with buyers to the fullest extent would be best for all. If I report John Doe and two others have a problem with J.D. then J.D. can be dealt with accordingly. I am more then often asked for a sample,

For example. I do voice over work and cartoon voices. A buyer will ask me to send a read of the first paragraph of a script to see if My voice fits the part.
No need to reply, I will adjust. I am happy here with Fiverr and this does not happen that often.
Have a Happy New Year


I’ll tell you this Zolarvision…

65% of the buyers we get tell us they will have more work for us if their first project works out.

80% of them never re-order … always leave Good or No review.

Suffice to say … its a buyer’s way of trying to get you to deliver more than what they are paying for in hopes that you’ll give them the same deal again and again…

In reality … they will move on and buy from someone else who kisses their butt in the way they want best. The ones who said “Oh we’ll give you a super deal then for repeat work!” will be screwed the most.

So … depends on if you want to wear lipstick for them or turn the other … cheek… =P

What I tell them is … If you have multiple projects you’d like done… the best way to get them done the cheapest and fastest is to place multiple orders at the SAME TIME. After a client places say … $200 of orders at once … we begin to give a “BULK DISCOUNT” … So … if you properly do that … they will place a huge order and you can choose what you want to discount them on … to help ease them into it and not try to screw you.

Good luck!


@shubh2012 Always contact support to cancel on those guys within 24h before the order goes “late” and give the buyer a chance to cancel on YOU + leave a bad rating.

Make sure you ask the buyer to cancel WITHIN THE ORDER… stating a proper reason (couldnt work out price)
Then send the CANCELLATION REQUEST to the buyer (using that order)

THEN make the ticket to support asking THEM to cancel it.

They will look at the order … see that you want it cancelled … see that you gave the buyer a reason for the extra… and they will cancel it.

End of story , stop playing with problem buyers keep your hair on your scalp. Be happy =)
Sellers get no protection here , send tickets for this every time or risk your gig getting crapped on.
There is really no better way when you are dealing with a client like you described. Trust me.