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Warning - be aware of scam / phishing

i m informed by one of my friend on facebook who said that he was receiving orders emails but when he login to fiverr there is no order . so i asked him to send me the link he getting with this email and snapshot .he sent me the url of that site :
site i checked its whoislookup but it look like not registered by fiverr officals .
and i have confirmed that it is scam by pointing that it does not use ssl .and unfortunately he have submitted fiverr login username and password even his payoneer account login as well as credit card informations.
attached is the email he received

Thank you for warning people about this.

I wonder how they get seller’s email addresses for this scam. I’ve never gotten this email. No one but the fiverr site knows my email.

@misscrystal (Great Question )hacker take advantage of people’s needs create utility for theme and get their email ! for example some fiverr sellers promote their gigs out of fiverr ex cogigs dot com . Where the seller submit his personnel info ex email first ,last name, and the website owner sell that info to hackers ! and hackers use it as they want!

Thanks but I don’t understand. They get all the info, then buy the fiverr gig? Is that what you did? Just curious, thanks.
edit: Oh I understand now. Wow that’s very sneaky!

Sorry for My RIP ENGLISH