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WARNING: Beware of scam seller: [Fragglesrock]


Unscrupulous & dishonest seller. They cheated my money. fragglesrock led me to their site [fragglesrock].com and made me pay money through paypal. Promised me a deadline & arranged to meet me 3 times, they made me wait for 3 days in a row and didn’t turn up nor deliver the project, told that the project was canceled and that they did not refund me.fragglesrock was only interested in refunding 1 fiver gig so they could avoid a bad review.

i escalated the dispute claim on paypal and paypal has said that it is intangible service and not an item and therefore could not do anything about it.

The worse part of all is her constant blatant lies in the chat to say that she did not receive any money on paypal and made herself appear like she was innocent, that they did not ask me to go to their site or did anything outside fiver.

I’ve worked more than a hundred online contractors and this is the worst contractor ever. Blatant stealing and lying.

Fiverr should investigate their account. Evidence is all in our chat dialogue.

I want to post this so the community knows the truth and take heed.


Sheriff’s note: we are not allowed to call out other users…


I’m really sorry for your bad experience and I hope you already wrote a ticket on Customer Support to investigate this seller.

Unfortunately I’m pretty sure your account is going to be banned too, 'cause paying the seller outside Fiverr is something you were not allowed to do.

I have to tell you that both the seller and you didn’t follow the rules written in the ToS and both of you are to be punished for this…

If Fiverr sets a rule, there’s a reason behind it, don’t you think? Here you learned the reason you mustn’t pay a seller ouside Fiverr…