WARNING Buyers request VIRUS


Hi Fiverrer’ss

So this morning I get a buyer asking if I can do a "controversial " script
Basically was bizarre and basically illegal what they were asking. So I told them so
and blocked em’. Then after reading the script, for giggles I tried to open the video
example they sent me (on google cloud) Well its not a video it was some kind of Virus
that froze my app. So I went to the Pc and I was totally blocked out of the account.
After cleaning my cache and restating things were back to normal.
That’s my lesson here.How this slipped through Fiverrs net i’ll never know.
As of writing this my notifications are disabled, im sure Fiverr is aware of this.

Im sure the virus purpose was to message out from the app and send out stupid stuff. Hence the temporally outage of my account.



Your Pc might still be infected, I strongly recommend you to download a good anti-malware like MBAM and scan your PC completely.



Thank you I use 360 on my PC I didn’t open anything there. I’m sure it’s on my phone though. The virus makes the phone app on my Android lock out the app and a pop white pop up saying something like " That action can’t be complete"


Thanks for the heads up! Crazy people.


Anyone know of a good anti-virus for android?


Ohh, that’s fine then. Any of the PC virus couldn’t infect mobiles.


If you haven’t done it yet please report it to customer support.

Try Malwarebytes. They have a free trial for mobile.


I did , and the person is a reputable buyer. So I let Fiverr figure it out thanks