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Warning: Check search results for copycats

Here’s a quick tip/warning for all sellers (applies mostly to Level 1/2 and Top Rated sellers):

Make sure to regularly check the search results that come up for your gig/keywords. Copycats may blatantly rip your demo video and gig description to create an identical gig. I think higher lever sellers are targeted more than new sellers, as they have already proven themselves to be successful.

Last night I was messaged by a buyer that he found a seller (active since Feb 2021) using my demo video and gig description. The demo video still had my © watermark and name on it.
Luckily the seller had no sales. I immediately reported him for copyright infringement and this morning the gig and their account was removed.

Be warned!


Thanks, I also reported few copycat sellers :skull_and_crossbones:


I am new member do I get some advice please? :pensive:

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Sure! My advice to you is: behave, watch out for scammers and do the best you can.

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It’s a good idea to do regular check on search page and I think it’s a good idea too if every seller warn other seller if they found out some copycat gig on this platform.
It will make thus marketplace be more credible.

I once was informed by other nice seller too that someone has copycat my gig and I thank you for that.


You are Right. I agree with you.

Check Google’s search result:
Just type this text in the google search bar: “XXXX”
Replace XXXX with a sentence from your gig description (leave the quotation marks).

For example: “I do camera tracking, motion tracking and can add motion graphics like text, graphics, logos, and replace graphics on tablets, computer screens and mobile phones”

You will find out who copied your description.
In your case, 2 people have copied your description (1 of the services has already been deleted. You still have to contact Fiverr support regarding the 2nd seller…)


One of my best selling gigs has been copied to death.

Title + description is copied verbatim on at least 40 gigs right now and I didn’t even scroll all the way down.


Two times I almost got scammed. This is my first month!

I do this several times a month when I have free time.
I sometimes find my own gig being copied, in other cases I will see another seller’s gig being copied.
I usually let the original seller know right away.

In most cases I report my copycat seller right away, IF I feel like it I will message them.
The replies I get from them are quite ridiculous.

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With the specific services I offer, I’m not really troubled by others trying to copy my gigs.

Unless they have access to my voice and my ugly mug, they won’t be able to make money pretending to be me. :smile:

I know that’s not the same situation for the majority of other sellers, and it must be frustrating as hell having scummy knock-offs trying to profit from copying your hard-created gigs.


Thanks for pointing this out.

Copying gig descriptions (fully or partially) isn’t good either, but that’s something I can live with (to some extent). It’s worse if they actually steal my gig samples / videos.

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What I really can’t stand is when they steal other people’s bio. At least invent one, come on, should even be much more fun than to just copy someone else’s boring identity …

Not that either of stolen gig descriptions, samples, videos or bios were much fairer against fellow sellers or buyers, it’s just that the closeness to identity theft somehow ruffles my feathers the most.


That would involve the slightest hint of creativity, and with a gig copier, it’s safe to automatically assume that they lack even that.

I would find it quite humorous if a copier at least had some flair in describing their background, like:

“I am a globe-hopping, jet setting, world renowned adventurer, inventor, academic, and business tycoon who just so happens to offer $5 logos, background removal, and SEO optimization services in my very limited free time!”



You got a point there. Although some of them seem to be oddly creative in their very own way.
I’ve had one of my bio copycats inbox me to ask if I’d do a job for them, also send someone else to ask me, after it probably had dawned on them that I might not feel inclined to help someone who copies my bio and deceives buyers to fulfill their ill-gained orders and get them good reviews to cover up the eventual “I speak this language myself and what I got was clearly a Google translation” review.
Many copycats also seem to suffer from a lack of dedication to detail, though, and so, the sent ahead person didn’t just copy/paste the actual person’s desire but also the text of that person telling them to ask me into my inbox … That was quite funny. :joy:

And yes, at least have some flair if nothing else. I think it’s much less now, due to Fiverrs ID checks, or Fiverr gurus advising people to use photos of more normal looking people if they already have to use other people’s photos these days, or both, but when I joined the forum back when, there were loads of sellers using photos of actors and models. It was really tempting to suggest trying modeling instead of Fiverr when they asked how to make sales with their $5, unlimited revisions, 100% satisfaction or money back guarantee gigs.
Yes, I think it’s become harder to use stolen profile photos for flair, but a little creativity in their own bio or gig copy could go a long way, some people might just buy because they feel entertained and hope for the same flair in their deliverables, or are curious to see what they’ll get from the tycoon if they believe the story.

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Thank You for you tips

Thank you for your advice :heart:

Thanks for the tip. Out of curiosity I did it on my biggest Gig and …

Bingo my description had been 100% copied! In addition this description contains a link to my music, fortunately this badger had not made a sale.

I reported to customer service and 8 hours later they replied to tell me that they had deleted the copy.

These copiers should put the energy they put into scams, into creation, they would be really productive !!


Hello @tanvirrahman200 yes you can get a lot of advice and tips from the forum’s Tips category. Read all of the experts’ topics and reply from their hope. Hope you will lot of idea and knowledge


Please try to do the 100% unique and real work don’t try to do short cuts and copy paste.