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WARNING: Do not sell on fiverr if you ship physical goods with postal insurance

Of all the different marketplaces I’ve sold on, Fiverr has by far been the most frustrating in general.

I recently shipped a large order ($350 worth) that was damaged in the mail by USPS. I immediately refunded the buyer and started the claim process with USPS on the insurance. After appealing several times and submitting more evidence, it’s become apparent I will have to take a loss for this. Fiverr will not issue me an invoice showing a proof of a complete payment method, with the buyer’s name and shipping address, which are all the things the USPS needs to see in order to validate the proof of value.

Any other marketplace I’ve been on has this as an option for download. Etsy, Amazon, Redditgifts even (when they were still around), they all have these listed as an option you can download immediately. Fiverr does not, which backs up my belief that Fiverr hardly cares about it’s sellers that ship physical goods, especially since they’re seemingly in the minority on this site.

So now that fiverr has effectively stood in the way between me being able to recover a significant loss through insurance, I’ll be leaving. I can’t sell on here any longer if this is going to happen when something goes wrong with shipping. I would advise anyone else here to do the same, especially if you’re shipping items with significant value.

That’s really a shame. Is there any way you can get in touch with the buyer and have the buyer provide that proof? That’s one way around the issue.

Unfortunately, I can’t. Some other circumstances occurred where the buyer became hostile and started using profane language, and fiverr blocked the communication between me and him.

Fiverr seems to be mostly digital. It’s not really meant for shipping physical goods. Not that a few people do not do that, but it’s not the main focus. Partly I think it’s because of the whole aspect that people are not supposed to share their personal contact information, unless needed for the job of course. But I know I would not buy any physical goods where I had to give my address out to a seller who was completely anonymous to me.

Reply to @sincere18:

But I know I would not buy any physical goods where I had to give my address out to a seller who was completely anonymous to me.

If you buy something on Amazon, that person sees your name/address. If you buy something on etsy, any other marketplace really, it’s the same story. Now, this is the key difference between fiverr and those marketplaces. Fiverr is really aimed at an amateur audience where anyone can come on and start selling - a low barrier to entry with a high commission rate.

It’s really no place for an LLC or company to be selling products or services on, as I’ve come to realize. So i’ve put my stuff in vacation mode. It’s highly unlikely I’ll be back.

Reply to @heston3dsol: True, though now that I think about it, I guess I tend to buy Etsy products from sellers who happen to have regular websites too.

But you are right, this is for an amateur audience it started that way, people doing crazy things for five bucks. it grew as another outlet, but I am in agreement with you, that it’s not a place for an LLC company, though I’m sure some top sellers would disagree. However many of them created their biz here, but if you are already established elsewhere this may not be the right forum to do selling. But the whole site really is geared more towards digital goods, just scroll through all the categories, it’s nearly all digital.