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WARNING: Do not update your gig's video

I had a gig with a video which was made a couple of years ago, then the other day I thought it was time to update it with a new fresh video. Before the update, I checked my ranking on its default category daily and always get orders at least a few a day.

1 day after i uploaded this new video. my gig disappeared from the category AND search results altogether, nowhere to be found, not even by searching via its exact title, while my other gigs could be found that way. Now I am getting zero order from this gig.

So I contacted Fiverr, here the funny thing, their reply was, it’s dynamic, no guarantee, please try edit the gig with new content and keep it fresh. They clearly didn’t read my ticket properly, so annoyed

anyone else having this problem?

Oh dear. I was just thinking about updating my photos and videos as well. Have you heard anything further from the support team?

I updated my video with no problem. Ranking stayed the same.

I updated mines as well, no issues there

I actually had the opposite happen. I recently updated my video and it went from the general obscurity to top of the “recommended” section.

I don’t know how their algorithms work, but they sure are unpredictable…