Warning! .exe files are send as attachment from buyer - dont open!


Hi folks, just want to drop a warning here that a guy called pro…2014 is sending .exe files as attachement in his inquiries. Dont open that file - exe files can be dangerous, you dont know whats inside. Dont click on the attachment.



Thank you for the warning. I get nervous about these things, and now I’ll know one thing to look for anyway.


Thanks for letting us know.


Hi everyone,

The buyer named “********” sent me a zip file that contains an exe file just now. And also look what he said

"hello sir/madam hows u??? hope u r doing well

i need a logo desinger check all requriments in this file thanku so much

file pass is 1234"

His profile says he is from *********. I did download the zip file, but didn’t extract it. I think people like him target the new comers. Shouldn’t Fiverr authority do something about it?


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If some body sending you .exe file with buyer requirement they are always dangerous.
You never know he/she may be trying to steal vital information from you like password and bankdetails and other.


Yes, that’s exactly what came to my mind when I saw the exe file inside the zip file.


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