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WARNING Fiver recieved!

Hi, I am new seller on fiver. I know my mistake for which, I have recieved warning through email. But the days in the application keeps on increasing. Does that mean I am reciving warning or not. Kindly help!!.



It’s clearly said Days without warning.
Our goals is 30/30.
Ofcourse your days number keep increasing.

Unless you got another warning…, it will reset to zero again.


I have just recieved one warning. So its okay if the days on keep on increasing.

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Like the tittle says…

Seller goals must be 30/30 days.
So as long as you didn’t receive any new warning…, it will keep increase until 30/30

If you still can’t understand…, nothing i can explain further.
It seems that you need improve your English.
If not…, you will get a trouble with your buyer regarding communication skill.

Wish you luck,


Thank you for your concern, regarding my english. But thats not a problem here. I panicked and thats the reason. I asked you to be sure.

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Hi dear,
Be careful and you should seriously work at fiverr.

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Thank you my problem has been resolved so no more replies on the post.

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Just in case you are still unsure… This means that your last warning was four days ago. So, you need to ensure you get no more Terms of Service warnings in the next 26 days if you wish to be eligible for the next level. Every day you do not receive a new warning, this score will rise by one day until it is back at 30/30.

Ideally, do not put yourself in any position to pick up more warnings–ever–since these have a major effect on your likelihood of success on Fiverr.

I’m fairly sure most good sellers maintain the constant score of 30/30 days without warnings and this is what you should aim for so that Fiverr has the confidence to keep displaying your gigs.

So, be sure to conduct all your business in a very clean and compliant manner, ensuring you read the Terms of Service several times.

Good luck! :slight_smile: Oh, and I just saw the message ‘no more replies on the post’ after I had posted, ha.


Same I am new seller

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