Warning Fiverr account Hacker


The username is Welsuther1993. When I checked his/her profile the location is India. He said he will verify my location which is the Philippines, he ask to give him the google verification number sent to my mobile number, that was my biggest mistake. After that I got an email about password change and my paypal email on fiverr account was changed! Please read this warning and be very vigilant!



You should definitely contact support asap. Let them know what happened. Also, you should probably remove the users name, you can’t call people out on the forums.


This is not hacking, he is a bloody lamer. You should be more careful.


Google, craigslist, etc. ALWAYS state that if someone wants you to give them a verification number, it is a scam and you should NEVER EVER do it.

So you went ahead and gave the verification number for your own, real, in-use account, and now you are complaining. Google provides FREE accounts worldwide. The fact that someone is trying to acquire an account “illegally” should have been your first warning. You participated in a scam and I am not sure that Google nor Paypal will have any sympathy for you.

Yes, this serves as a warning to be vigilant about OBEYING the rules.