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Warning : Fiverr just robbed me 5 hours of work!

Hello Everyone!

Fiverr just ruined my morning!

A week ago somebody from France contacted me asking me to customize a website template i accepted the work as its something that i did many many times before, the price after negotiations was 65$.

I worked on the template for more than 5 hours (within 2 days) then i delivered it.

He said i will do a deep verification and get back to you!! ( at this moment i knew things are going to happen)

He came back with tons of text and my doubts were confirmed a BAD CLIENT detected!

I wasted more of my time replying to him and trying to tell him with images and proof that the work has been done exactly as he wanted it.

I fixed some minor things that he didn’t like and submitted the work again!

NOW he wants refund and only refund! so he contacted the support!

The support contacted me back telling me that my client is not happy with my work and all that stuff so i told them that my work is complete and if my client can prove the opposite i’m willing to do all the extra for free.

After that it was a CANCEL - DECLINE - DELIVER AGAIN game between me and him.

Fiverr support keep telling talk to the client ask him what’s wrong with your work … so i did many times.

Finally the client accepted to request modifications and make this thing end!


Fiverr support out of the blue just went and CANCELLED THE ORDER.

“This order appears to have been cancelled as the requirements of the buyer have not been met for the order. Unfortunately, we are not able to reverse the cancellation. Please let us know if us if you require further assistanc.e”


What was his complaint?

Fiverr customer support don’t just randomly cancel orders unless there was serious proof that you did not meet the requirements of your gig.

Hell, a client complained about my work and wanted a refund, but Fiverr wouldn’t even let them leave a one-star review as I met the requirements of the gig (wouldn’t let her leave anything below four stars, in fact)

So I doubt Fiverr robbed you. It is likely that you didn’t do the gig as agreed.

Yes right!

Actually he just keep saying “I don’t want your work …”

The work he request was very easy for me i did stuff like that loads of times before so the quality is out of question.

I’m not even sure if CS went to see my work and compare it to his initial request!

The thing is why Fiverr went and cancelled the order after finally the client requested modifications!!!

I strongly believe that i did my job completely fine and delivered the work the client wanted first time and i deserve every penny of what he paid!

Fiverr is awesome!

If Fiverr cancelled your order after all that other stuff, then I’m guessing you got hit with a PayPal charge-back. Go into your order management screen and find the order in question to see the buyer’s name. Click on the buyer’s name, and if it tells you that the account doesn’t exist anymore (or takes you to the main Fiverr page) that means the client did a PayPal charge-back and Fiverr automatically ban-hammered their account.

On an unrelated note, why in the world would you do 5 hours of work for $65? That means you’re grossing $13/hr., which is quite low. Fiverr’s recommendation is that you charge a base rate of $20/hr (“pick a gig you can complete and deliver in 15 minutes”). But after you take out Fiverr’s 20%, that means you’re actually getting paid only $10.40 per hour, and that doesn’t even get into the additional 10% to 20% you probably have to pay in self-employment taxes, which means that you’re really only getting paid $9.36 to $8.32 per hour, or $41.16 to $46.80 for those five hours of work.

If you were charging more for all of your work overall, you wouldn’t feel so torn up about losing a $65 order because you’d have another $100 right behind it.

Sellers who deliver websites have this problem a lot, where buyers cancel the order after the work is done. Some are possibly scam buyers and some are possibly bad jobs done.
We can’t judge the situation from here without seeing everything but anyway, sorry this happened to you.

I just checked his account is still active!

Regarding the amount i charged i guess everybody did the same when just started on Fiverr! It was the first request i had for day so I’ve got to take it at any cost to boost my gig and get more requests! But i guess my luck didn’t help much :frowning:

Exactly and Fiverr doesn’t really protect us!

From my 5 years of experience French and Spanish are the worst to work with!

Depends on what you offer. I have had complaints from only three nationalities, chargebacks from only two nationalities, and they are fairly unexpected places too!

Well, I create websites. I don’t work with people who are not willing to pay more than $150/website. I make sure that I have the proper record of everything.

Apart from that, if I were a seller, I wouldn’t mess with me.

Make sure to only deliver graphic related products without a transparent background with your copyrighted watermark all over the place.

Ask the buyer if they like your work and concept.

This helps the support team to understand your situation and do the needful.