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Warning for giving out my personal details

Recently I started a new project and decided to use fiver to buy gigs from experts. Communicating with people is somehow frustrating, sometimes we’re in different time zones and waiting for a reply takes some hours even days. Unfortunately fiverr doesn’t have a way to communicate more efficiently than sending messages and I had to share my skype with those people in order to get a quick answer… compared to what could’ve taken hours on fiverr’s inbox. Not by using a different way to communicate i am gonna steal fiverr’s business (which I highly appreciate, you guys offer a great service) and I understand no one here may have the same intentions, but you should be more open to this situations in which also sending a message with specifications is not enough to let the sellers know exactly what we want. My account seems now to be in danger of being cancelled, but now that I think… in first place, how do you know that I am giving out my information, by spying on my conversations? I supposed those things were private.

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I think that Fiverr sees it as they are giving you a platform for exposure of your business. In return for that exposure, you agree not to expose yourself or anyone else to risk. It is a fair tradeoff. Otherwise, you are essentially running your own business, where you are responsible for your own advertising, and customer service. You can’t bring the bear into the tent, I think Fiverr is essentially saying.

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It states in the ToS, that you are not to communicate with people off of Fiverr. However, some sellers who offer coaching sessions via Skype, write to Customer Support to get it approved first from what I have heard.

And yes, all messages on the Fiverr system are monitored for keywords. If you send a message to a buyer or seller and try to write the word, money, or email, a big red warning pops up saying you are not to contact or ask for money outside the system.

For most gigs, giving instructions via email/messages is sufficient. If you need beyond that, and to only buy from a certain time zone, maybe a traditional freelancer from the internet that is local to you might be a better option than Fiverr.

Perhaps if you have found this so frustrating to communicate with buyers here on Fiverr, it’s not the best place. I do not know what you mean about time zones, you can see where sellers are located and only pick people in your same country/time zone so that part shouldn’t be too much of an issue, you just have to look for that before you hire.

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@emailerist For $5 I will write you a script which will automatically tell you when a person on your forum site shares his email or any other contact info :wink:

Hope you are getting the point^

All you had to do was ask Fiverr Customer Support first if they would allow you to use Skype for a specific reason. If it was valid enough, they would have given you written permission. I am glad you put up your warning so others won’t make your mistake, but it’s silly to act like you are a victim when you knew the rules.

It looks like this Skype gripe is getting a lot of hype.

It is just ok to follow the rules, in any case it is a system.