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Warning for late deliveries level demotion



I got a warning this morning about an upcoming level demotion.

I am at 85% delivered on time. I have delivered 1 (1 day late because I was sick and 2 a few hours late).

But I had one customer who ordered and gave me no details but kept promising for a week that they would send through the details for a week. It seems like it is not based on the number of jobs on time but the total time late so one bad customer throws everything out which makes absolutely no sense. So 1/70 is a week late and 69/70 are on time and suddenly you at below 90%

I need to know how to avoid this. Also It seems like the late timer still counts down after the customer asks for a modification. but I have delivered it on time. I deal with many businesses so many times the customer will take a week to get back to you with further details, especially on the weekend or holidays (I have two right now that have requested modifications but are not responding to requests for further details). Even after you message them.

So how do we set it that when they ask for modification it is not counting it as late or it ads extra time.

If this is not possible it seems like the system is broken.

Thanks for your help


As far as I know, it doesn’t matter if the order screen shows “late” after the buyer has asked for a revision/revisions. What matters for the stats is just that you deliver the initial order on time. You can also ask the buyer for a delivery time extension if you would otherwise go late on the initial delivery (though doing, if accepted will affect search placement and maybe other things I think).


It must have an effect because my rating lowered today even though I don’t have any gigs overdue just in revision. Also went from a level one to nothing as a result today, so much for a warning.