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Warning for sending texts

Hey there ya’ll!
I a few days back received a warning that I send excessive messages to clients, I should not or my account will be suspended…
the problem actually was that I received some kind of notification from Fiverr that there is a message in my spam folder; I unmarked that with spam, greeted the guy and asked them if he needed me to do something and if he can see my messages…
Now, what can I do??


So a conversation was filtered as spam by Fiverr’s messaging system. You unmarked that message as spam and sent a reply. Did it seem like spam to you and exactly how many replies did you send?

Fiverr’s spam detection algorithm is far from 100% accurate, but it is correct more times than it is not. Sometimes a glitch occurs in that not responding to messages labelled as spam negatively affects response time and rate, so some sellers respond to EVERYTHING messaged to them, and in the case of spam, they quickly reply “Not interested” or something similar and flag the messenger.


they were three four short messages. I was actually concerned with my response time. I also believed if they (the client) texted me something and I am unable to see it.

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and I unluckily a day later got another warning. two of my gigs were removed for offering academic works. they did not though. now I am a new seller and just touched the 400 USD earning mark; I cannot grab that badge for next 30 days, plus one more warning and I am gone… how can i avoid such situations? I do not even know something and all of a sudden I am warned…

Three to four messages, whether long or short, were too many to respond to something originally labelled spam. If you are going to respond to spam, one reply is enough, like “How may I assist you?” or similar inoffensive boiler plate content.

As for the warning for offering academic gig work, it’s not in my place to determine if Fiverr made a fair or overzealous judgement in your case.

Thoroughly read the ToS. Buyers and sellers are presumed to have read, understood, and agreed to the ToS prior to operating on the platform. Ignorance of the rules is not a defense for violating said rules.

is there any way I can avoid getting further warnings? also, if I managed not to get another warning for next 30 or 90 days, will the current two be considered older or dead?

To avoid future warnings, read, understand, and strictly follow the ToS and Community Standards guidelines.

The effect of warnings on level promotion does go away after 30 days, but the actual warnings are permanently on your profile.

If you’ve already racked up two warnings, you are already riding the knife’s edge of possible account suspension/termination.


In your blog gig maybe don’t say “essays” since Fiverr might think that’s academic work.

Also in "I will write an ethics, history, or philosophy article for you say “I will write staller philosophy essays” and “research based essay”. Again I wouldn’t say “essays” for the same reason.


Oh, Thanks for pointing out; that may be the reason. lemme immediately update them now…

thanks a lot.

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