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Warning for sharing email

Hello Fiverr Community, My question is Can I share my email as Buyer asked for an interview before starting the project, upon my denial and mentioning it’s against T&C’s, the Buyer mentioned that interview is necessary for this project. Since Fiverr Doesn’t provide us any interview platform, So I did that but Fiverr flagged my text and demoted me to level 0. Can Anyone guide me please, what to do know, how I can convince them that I didn’t do anything wrong. I opened a request on Fiverr’s customer service and send them the screenshot of the interview that the buyer was going to hold.
Experts, please guide me with the further process and how to get my level back.


You chose to ignore Fiverr’s terms of service, so you were punished for doing so.

Also, your buyer was wrong to put you in this position to start with. But as the saying goes, two wrongs don’t make a right.

All communication must be through Fiverr. While it is possible to share contact information, it is only permissible for the completion of an order. I think your mistake was that there was no order in place.

Also, based on what I have read in the forums, it would be very wise to seek permission to share your email from customer support before doing so.


You can’t, because you did break the rules.


Fiverr doesn’t give us any kind of video or audio access to interact, if such conditions arise.

buyer just wanted an interview before the order, it is not allowed even for that?

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You have to work as fiverr TOS says. if not you will get a warning. even if your buyer want to contact you outside,you cannot go against TOS as a seller. let them know that you can only communicate via fiverr. sometimes you may loose the order but it will keep your account safe :slight_smile: as per my experience,to get your level back you have to wait for next evaluation i think.

hope this help
thank you


even if interview was preliminary requirement for order?

You are trying to use Fiverr in a way that it’s not been designed for - this is why you were demoted.

@catwriter has told you this and so have I - we’re both experienced sellers.

I shall repeat what I wrote earlier - your potential buyer was wrong to ask for contact information, and you were wrong to give it.

Sellers advertise gigs. Buyers purchase gigs. There is no interview process!


Okay thanks, @english_voice, I really appreciate your help.


Good luck. I wish you the best.


I guess the only way you can somewhat tackle this situation is that the buyer can send you a list of questions, and you can record yourself talking/answering the questions and send the file?? Just a suggestion…??? :sweat_smile:


You are working from 2019 and I am a new seller.

How can you do this? How you are not aware of Fiverr TOS? Have you never read the TOS?

I am a new seller, I have read the TOS and it’s clear that sellers don’t have to share their personal mail or other contacting details.

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You have now put your account at risk.

Check this out: Don’t do it! … You Have Been Warned! if you want to protect your account.

Here is the updated “warnings” link for the above topic: Fiverr Help and Education Center

According to your profile, I have seen that you have written “you are a pharmacist”, “You are also very knowledgeable in Excel, MS Word, PowerPoint.”.
And your best selling gig is for " Virtual assistant"

It is not clear that what kinds of communication of discussion with buyer’s which you are saying “interview”.
There is nothing exist like “interview” rather than a discussion about something of work.
All communication must be going through Fiverr message, and it is fiverr’s rule.
Fiverr does not allow outside communication. If you try to do that, you will be warned.
Any kind of discussion is possible through fiverr message.

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As @english_voice said, there’s no such thing on Fiverr. That’s not how Fiverr is meant to work.

And besides, even if the buyer wants to conduct an interview and you want to indulge them, what is it that they can ask you via email, but not via Fiverr inbox?


There’s no point for asking relation between my qualification and my gig. I do what I do. Please share your views about the post not on my profile. Thanks!


You indeed did do something wrong. You shared your contact information in hopes of communicating with a potential client outside of Fiverr. I suggest reading the Terms of Service again so you can avoid these type of mistakes in the future.

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If you share your any kind of personal details, you were punished for doing so.

I don’t think that @hk_wordpress talked about your qualifications at all. To me it looks like he asked why would an interview be necessary for any of the services that you provide (and that is a perfectly reasonable question, because a buyer demanding an unnecessary interview is shady at best), and why the buyer didn’t just discuss what they needed through Fiverr messages.

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Fiverr don`t allows this kinds of communication.

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The problem is, if you start giving your contact details to buyers before the order even exists, how does Fiverr know you are not planning to take the work outside the platform?

I have been here 2.5 years and never has there been any order for which it is necessary to speak outside the platform. But buyers do request this all the time; if they don’t choose me simply because I won’t chit-chat on WhatsApp or wherever, I am better off without them and would rather decline.

So, just because a buyer suggests it, that doesn’t mean it’s necessary. Buyers can ask all they like and the seller’s answer should always be that it is against the Terms of Service. That’s the whole story–it’s not for us to bend the rules within which we agreed to work when we signed up.