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Warning for Video & Voice Over Buyers


Hi all,

I was contacted by several buyers who thought they were buying a PowToon, Whiteboard or other video type creation from Fiverr Sellers, that included a Voice Over. Great deal, huh?

Well, what they received is the video, with a text to speech voice over. A robotic, emotionless voice with no expression or ability to “sell” the product or “engage” the viewer.

So they’ve come to me looking for a human being with a real voice and acting skills to replace the dialogue. Sure it’s good for me, but really bad for these Buyers who were working on deadlines.

Someone is offering this horrible service on Fiverr and misleading buyers by not revealing the voice over is text to speech.

Caution is advised when buying a video that includes a voice over. Make sure you know what you are getting and don’t hire a text to speech robot. Hire a human! :slight_smile:


I have to agree. Note to self: Always try a real human.


While it’s true some sellers do have text to speech voice overs, I happen to offer a gig that includes 10 actors on green screen all talking for just 5.00… so it’s not always true. People should always check the seller’s examples… although I do know that some buyers don’t even take the time to read the instructions let alone look at samples…


I have a whiteboard gig and there were some buyers who used text to speech voice overs. Not at my request. I tell all buyers that i do not do voice overs but only sync them. However some buyers would provide me a text to speech voice over to sync – not at my request – it was the buyer who provided the voice over so they decided, not me, how it was done.

I believe there are some online sites where you can get text to speech done for free. So to be clear, it isn’t the seller (at least in my case) who decided how the voice over is being done, but instead, some buyers decided to get their voice over done with text to speech – probably to save a few bucks, even though human voice is obviously better.

From my experience, most whiteboard gigs don’t do voice overs but request that the voice over be provided for them to sync, but than again, I’m sure there are a few that do use text to speech for voice overs. I’m just not sure which ones.

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Absolutely misleading and not cool for us voice over guys (and gals) who take time and pride in what we do. Unfortunately, due to the great power of technicality, there’s no fault with what they’re advertising, but there should be some regulation over these types of gigs.


I always use local talent for VO’s.


Hmm, must be a new trend… I happen to buy a lot of voice overs and was looking lastnight for a female voice over and came across FIVE that were obviously computer generated… all new arrivals. SO not cool! ALWAYS listen to the sample!


Excellent point!


So fed up…ordered a genuine voiceover, to be delivered an obviously computer-generated one. However, the seller insists it is her voice. I’m not stupid, it sounds robotic.


Character animation is my dealio. Until I hear the recorded tracks to know their length and quality I can’t even properly bid on a project.

No one has yet sent me a robo-Voice Over and if they did I would tell them to they should re-record it with a real actor. If they don’t take that advice I would most likely just pass on the Gig.

If they have not already recorded I send them to one of the many great Voice Actors here on Fiverr from my short list of collaborators. There are only a few times I’ve needed to go outside Fiverr to find VO and that was at a clients request.

Even if I needed to animate a talking robot I’d still hire a real actor to do the robot voice.

Salutations Flesh Puppets << said in my best robotic voice>>>


Thanks for the Info…


nice tropic discussion


i would totally sell voice overs if i didn t have eastern european accent -.-


It only takes one or two sellers to ruin it for others. Then buyers go to another micro job site.

It’s best to use a real person, experienced, a professional who know hows to produce a video with a voice over. Difficult to find on fiverr.

A bad video can actually ruin your website or turn off potential buyers. Why risk? You get what you pay for on this platform.

It’s better for a buyer to ask for proof and if the person has a history in the field of production.


A female Eastern European accent could be very marketable. Don’t undersell yourself.


Vice-overs are an essential ingredient in the creation of dynamic media.

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And VO should be done by people with experience and acting skills.
VO is NOT about reading a text - everyone can do that.
But please, remember the last time you crinched when you had to listen to someone reading a speech, a telephone sales script - you name it.
It took me years of practice, exercise and money-spending to get where I am: selling voice-over. And I am always learning something new with every job.
Be careful out there and make sure you know what you pay for.


This is three years later now, and this is an endemic problem. I just demanded a refund from someone selling voice overs who supplied me with absolutely an electronic text to speech job: it becomes obvious if you include an email address in the text. The tell tale signs seem to be that thy want an absolutely word perfect script (or charge you to make corrections) as the text to voice software can’t deal with errors. The worst of the lot just record Siri reading the script you send them on their iPhone.