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Beware when dealing with this individual. He is part of an elaborate scam (international fraud).

visit this website. It is the start down the road to hell. I proved it today. He responded by email to me in this fashion when asked simple questions.

Sheriff’s Note: Off Fiverr links are not allowed.

Sheriff’s Note: Calling out others is not allowed on this Forum.

Do not click on anything or do anything with this information. It’s sold by this type of individual, promowave.

"All the info you need is in the training! If you knew how to read English maybe you would understand. I stole nothing from you. I have no obligation to teach you what is already there in your training. You made a choice to do this, not me! Then you were an ass! I don’t care if you fail! I will focus on the people who want my help and want to be successful at this. I am not defensive, I am just not going to entertain your tantrum. I don’t want your $50 for an hour you have wasted my time on Father’s Day. I was more than willing to help you before you childish behavior and threats and now you have threatened me again. GO FRAGGLESROCK YOURSELF. I am AMERICAN. Not lazy, funny how everyone wants to come here and exploit our country, then insult us. You were looking for help, not me! I live in a better place than you will ever! Do whatever you are going to do. Your threats mean nothing to me! I don’t have a contract with you, good luck you are being blocked!"

Ask questions…yeah right. This is the only really awful total waste of money on Fiverr. And illegal too. You have to cover your tracks and buy hundreds of dollars miscellany that keeps going. Even when you do everything right, you will get nothing but profanity and blind nationalism. (I’m American!, I speak English! what is this lunatic talking about?

Don’t find out really. his whole gig is that email above. I bought it and own to distribute as I please.


I have 30 emails of ridiculous insults and assumptions from this guy. His profile is fake, his gig is fake. He tells you to use disreputable companies and be covert. Never share that e-mail…with anyone.

Everything is obviously covered up and obfuscated so you have to keep asking questions…what he sends is an outdated OTF file (and who uses those for this kind of purpose…take a wild guess).

No. Just No.

Look, you made your case in another post. Stop repeatedly posting the same complaint: it’s considered SPAM and NOT appreciated.

You broke the Fiverr terms of service by dealing with this guy off-site and paying off-site. That’s on YOU.