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*WARNING* Fraudulent Seller (writing Gig)

I want to warn everybody about a seller who sent me a 1000 word ENCODED article, she blatantly tried to RIP ME OFF, but I caught it before I published the content to my website… the Gig is at:******

What I find really disturbing is that I reported the seller to Fiverr 3 days ago claiming that the Gig is a fraud and Fiverr refunded me (so that would mean that they agree that the seller is a fraud) However, the Gig is still active… Fiverr is continuing to let the seller operate on their platform… that just BLOWS my mind!

I later complained again asking them why they are continuing to let the seller operate and I got the same old form letter saying: “our Trust & Safety team is reviewing the seller and their Gig, however, due to our Privacy Policy and security concerns we cannot disclose on any information on any actions we may take.”

Anyway, thought I would do my part and pass this along so others don’t get scammed by this seller


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WARNING You can not post sellers names or links to their page when you have a beef with them. It is against TOS. Drop the link before you get in trouble.
Sorry, this happened to you. :frowning_face:


It may take a few days or more before she is removed or they might find that it’s ok to let her stay. She does have positive reviews.

What do you mean she sent you an encoded article?


an Encoded article is an article that has been copied from the web then ran through a software where it is encoded… it looks real to a human and will pass copyscape so you think that it is original but it looks like $$%%##%$%^&^& to a search engine

there’s another thread about it here *WARNING* Don’t Buy “Encoded” Articles for God Sake! (Threads merged by Moderator)


Continuing the discussion from BE CAREFUL with article writing gigs! [ARCHIVED]:
(Threads merged by Moderator)

What I do now is leave a message that says:

"I manually check all content for quality and uniqueness and I will request a refund and report any seller who attempts to send me content that has been copied, spun, auto-generated, encoded and/or any other back hat tricks.

If you cannot abide by these simple rules please cancel this order, if you are a reputable writer then I look forward to your well written content

Thank you for your understanding


It’s nothing personal it’s just that there are some unethical sellers on Fiverr that I refuse to deal with"


3 days ago I filed a complaint against a seller for sending me an Encoded article, and fiverr sent me a refund but they are still allowing the seller to operate… WTF… that just blows me away… Fiverr is becoming (or already is ) a Cesspool of scammers.

What is an Encoded article?

what this means is they copy an article from the Internet and run it through a software that ENCODES it so that it appears to be 100% unique and it is readable by humans and passes copyscape, HOWEVER When it is not “encoded” it would look something like this:

h?i. I th?i?n?k Y?ou?r c?oo?l.

When posted on a blog or website it would look like this to everyone else:

Hi. I think your cool.

This is a Black Hat tactic that can be detected by the search engines and any websites using ENCODED content will get penalized and de-indexed


I read your other thread. Thanks for the heads up on this issue, though I do not buy writing because I write. However, in Buyer Requests, I was wondering how someone can bid on a Buyer Request that asks for ten articles for $5.


Hi again, there is already a thread about this. As I said, it is possible that when the right department looks at it they will ban the seller.

Did you send them screenshots of proof?

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Yes I actually sent them proof of the Encoding, and I also logged the exact same complaint on another seller well over a year ago who also sent me an Encoded article and his Gig is still active… It’s like Fiver just doesn’t give a sh**t

Really sad … I can understand how difficult it is to police all Gigs, but when you get them handed to you on a silver platter it’s time to take action and Ban them on the spot!


How much did you pay for the article and how many words was it?

Fiverr seems to have many great writers from the looks of what I’ve seen here on the forum and they do amazing work for almost nothing. I know there are frauds but there are also amazing writers.

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$10 for 1000 word re-write

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How did you happen to choose that one out of all of the writers, if I’m not being too nosy.

I just wonder about how you selected that one. I wouldn’t have chosen the one you did.

I saw a couple of things immediately that would have made me pass that one up. This is not to say that it’s your fault. For one thing, that profile picture was obviously not the real person.

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Oh I am well aware, I have over 800 orders placed on fiverr…I use the services of quite a few sellers on here, and over the years I have favorited a handful of the best, but as you know the best writers will normally have many orders in queue and longer turn around times, so sometimes I find myself hiring a new writer for content I need urgently

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Did you think that profile picture was actually the real seller? It didn’t look like someone from that country at all.

There are a few writers on this forum that are amazing. Of course they may not have fast turn around times. I choose Top Rated Sellers almost exclusively.

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she actually had pretty good reviews, plus my intention was to use the content on an inner page mostly for search engine SEO purposes not figuring it would actually be read by very many people ( if any) so I had a lot of leeway , I wasn’t expecting perfection… but Encoding is absolutely unacceptable and is downright fraud!

funny you should mention the profile picture… I actually google the image URL through Google image search and could not find a single instance of it on the internet, so it got me thinking that it could actually be genuine, because normally if they are from stock images I will find tons of instances of them online

Thats the baseline of the matter. You invite frauds when you expect things in such price. I work in tech category and i see request of extensive projects with budget of $30 - $80 which is not worth of a single page. Equally such sellers should be removed who scam people


Thats sad. Fiverr must have taken action if they found it to be violation of their terms. As you are an experienced buyer i am in no place to advice you. But i still say to reach good writers with good price. Fiverr must include some identification for both buyers and sellers. There should be real name and real image displayed on profile

I think they might do that eventually but the person would just make a new account and come back probably.

you’re right but then they have to start building a reputation from scratch and that can be tough to do

somehow she already has 65 orders in only 3 months and a 5 star rating so it appeared as though the Gig might be decent

oh and do keep in mind that the overwhelming majority of profile pictures on fiverr are not authentic (including my own)

how such encoding can work in text pad?