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Warning from fiverr due to purchase services

i have received a warning from fiverr due to sale and purchase…
actually recently i bought a service from a seller,suddenly i revived a mail from fiverr team (you can’t buy and sale services of each other).
can anyone guide me about it…i am confused


That would defeat the purpose of Fiverr entirely.

Did they think you were buying from another seller etc. for a review exchange?


Something is not right. Surely a seller can make purchases! As we aren’t allowed to create a buyer account for that purpose.

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2 sellers can not buy from each other

So long as they’re not doing it with bad intentions or for review manipulation etc. then yes they can.

Sellers often buy services from one another, video creators buy voice overs etc.


So how does fiverr understand which order is for feedback manipulation and which one is for real sale ?

Not sure, but I suppose they can’t treat all seller/seller purchases as dodgy, or indeed genuine, so they must check some orders to see the conversation, deliveries, feedback etc. :slightly_smiling_face:


I purchase literally thousands of orders per year and I’m also a seller here. What’s the problem with that?

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